Nurse Teams Up with Charities to Give Muslim Healthcare Workers Gifts in Ramadan

In recognition of their efforts over the past long months of pandemic, a Muslim nurse has teamed up with UK charities and organizations to give away packets to help Muslim healthcare workers during Ramadan.

Nurse Yusra, medical professional and Instagram blogger, teamed up with various UK based organizations and businesses, including the charity Islamic Relief UK, to deliver gifts to various Muslim healthcare professionals for Ramadan.

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The blogger, who has been volunteering for Islamic Relief UK for several years, is known for running online initiatives which bring underrepresented healthcare professionals together.

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“I’m delighted that so many organizations, including Islamic Relief UK, have jumped at the opportunity to support Muslim healthcare workers,” nurse Yusra said of the ‘Chains of Charity’ campaign, In Your Area reported.

“As Muslims in healthcare, we often feel under-represented. Like myself, there are individuals who have experienced negativity on shifts due to the color of our skin, what we wear (hijab) and our beliefs – my Instagram and this initiative are about uniting these individuals, our Muslim community, who might otherwise feel isolated being the only Muslim on their ward/workplace”.

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Chains of Charity

The UK-wide initiative will focus on items gifted as Sadaqah Jariyah, which will benefit Muslims working during these testing times.

The 20 packages include Islamic Relief UK healthcare and COVID essentials including a pocket prayer mat and hand sanitizer. Also a fasting Dua (prayer) card by Do Me A Favour London.

The past months have seen Muslim doctors worldwide on the frontline playing critical roles in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Omar Lateef, president and CEO of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, was honored with the Top Muslim Achiever 2020 award in December 2020.

Australia Post has also released a set of stamps honoring people who have continued to serve and protect their fellow Australians in the face of the global pandemic, including a hijabi Muslim.