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Hijabi Doctor Features on Stamps Issued to Honor Aussie Frontline Workers

Australia Post has released a new set of stamps honoring people who have continued to serve and protect their fellow Australians in the face of the global pandemic.

One of the stamps illustrated a hijabi healthcare worker.

“These brave individuals have been saviors to us all through the last 12 months, caring for our most vulnerable and helping us cope with the many impacts of COVID-19,” Australia Post executive general manager, Nicole Sheffield, said, Canberra Weekly reported.

“Healthcare workers have tested millions, Australian Defense Force and the police services have helped monitor our borders and quarantine arrangements, and educators have been quick to adapt to online learning.

“Our posties, delivery drivers and supermarket staff have kept businesses running and provided access to essential products and services, and we thank them together with all Australians for their continued efforts.”

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Hijabi Doctor Features on Stamps Issued to Honor Aussie Frontline Workers - About Islam

The Frontline Heroes commemorative stamps celebrate teachers, healthcare workers, Australian Defence Force members, police, supermarket staff, and food delivery workers.

The five $1.10 stamps were designed by The Australia Post Design Studio and illustrated by Robert Elliott.

Australia Muslims make up 2.6% of the population of 26 million, according to the last census in 2016. This was up from 2.2% in the 2011 census.

The past year has seen Muslim doctors worldwide on the frontline playing critical roles in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Dr. Omar Lateef, president and CEO of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, was honored with the Top Muslim Achiever 2020 award in December 2020.