Muslim Youth Walk 500,000 Steps, Raise Money for Food Bank

Few Steps Help Feed 390 People

Young Muslim students in Canterbury, Kent, have walked 500,000 steps in an effort to raise money for Children Breakfast Packs for Canterbury Food bank.

“The Canterbury Muslim Youth Club started mid-January from around 15 of Muslim youth. They wanted to start a fundraiser to help the local charities and Canterbury food bank was asking for donations to buy breakfast food packs to local children in need,” Mohamed Ali Elassal, chairman of Canterbury Mosque, told via mail.

“The pack costs £2.5. So, the kids wanted to raise £500 for it and decided to do something compatible with the lockdown guidelines.


“Walking steps was the best idea as you can do it at home or during your once a day outdoor exercise.”

Walking for half a million steps, the young Muslims raised £951, an amount enough for 380 meals.

“They are filled with pride and sense of achievement. Doing charitable work for children just like them in unprecedented times and during lockdown made them feel helpful and useful. It’s also gives a sense of integration to the local community from Muslim kids,” Elassal added.

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The young students shared their feelings of pride for making a difference and helping the less fortunate.

“The thought that me doing something simple as walking would help people in such a positive way really motivated me,” said Roya Umid, 15.

“I felt happy doing it for a good cause and felt very proud actually knowing this was going to help many people seeing how everyone else was also helping in this cause gave me motivation to also help as much as others,” Sarah Bary, 15.

“Good to be doing something productive and actively helping others,” Parisa Sakel, 16 years.

“I wanted to push myself everyday because I saw everyone else was working hard Doing the walking for such a good cause also helped and I just hope all next fundraising will be as fun as this,” Ibrahim Nabil, 18, said.

Shahd Mohamed, 16, said, “it felt rewarding doing something for other children. I liked being in a team encouraging each other on daily basis to do more. I like to start fundraising for women health products for poor countries next. Help both awareness & supply.”

Elif Altun, 14, said, “I felt that I could really help while doing something I do subconsciously every day. Walking! Feeling amazed by how many people supported us in our cause.” 

They are now planning another fundraiser to raise awareness and help to women health issues and hygiene products to poor countries and local deprived areas in UK.