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Inside Prophet Muhammad’s Home – How He Treated His Wives

`A’ishah reported that she accompanied the Prophet in a travel when she was still slim. The Prophet told people to move forward and then he asked `A’ishah to race with him. They had a race and `A’ishah won.

In a later travel, when `A’ishah had forgotten the race and had already gained weight, the Prophet told her to race with him again. She declined, “How can I race with you while I am in such a condition?” The Prophet insisted and they did have a race. The Prophet won this time. He laughed then and said, “tit for tat”. (Authenticated by Al-Albani)

This is just one incident that shows how kind and nice Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) used to be with his wives.

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In this video, you’ll listen to other delightful stories about the prophet’s kindness towards his wives and how he cared about women in general. Compared to the modern world civilization and standards, Prophet Muhammad will remain to be the role model for every Muslim in all aspects of life.