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12 Ideas for Teens to Help Reduce Poverty

8- Write about poverty

Do you have a knack for writing? Then, in your school newspaper or on social media, write about poverty.

Educate your classmates not just with words, but photos too, if possible.

12 Ideas for Teens to Help Reduce Poverty - About Islam

9- Write about zakat and sadaqa in your Masjid’s newsletter or website

Does your Masjid have a newsletter or website? If so, dedicate some space to the topic of zakat and sadaqa and how they help the poor and the needy.

You can interview an imam to get the basics straight. If you don’t have a Muslim youth newsletter or masjid website, maybe this can be your fuel to start one.

10- Put the information on social media

If you put the above-mentioned newsletter or at least some of the articles on social media, you’ll probably have more young people reading it than if you limited the information to print only.

You could even make this a group project, running social media for your masjid’s or group’s activities.

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11- Collect money in your group

After your next group meeting, pass around a box to collect donations for the poor and needy. Better yet, make this a weekly practice.

Make one person responsible for collecting the money. Send it off after consulting everyone on which cause it should be sent for.

12- Organize a youth seminar on poverty

Get a youth-friendly imam or community speaker to come and talk about how Islam has successfully fought against poverty in the past and can continue to do so in the present.

Or maybe this will be a talk you can give based on your research paper.

Then, after the lecture, hold a workshop with participants and come up with ideas for how the audience and Muslim teens in general can help fight poverty.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that not only does every little bit help, but it’s our Islamic responsibility to do something.

Who knows, you may even find your life passion in social justice and charity work.

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