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Forcing Wear Hijab

My Parents Are Forcing Me to Wear Hijab

In this counseling answer: •Your parents are trying to fulfill their duties and responsibilities to you, which they had allowed to slip. •Wearing hijab puts focuson you as a person, a person with thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Praying 5 times a day helps to set up a challenge, the challenge being that you are more …


Help! My Kids Are Losing Their Faith

Short Answer: If you are forceful with your children then they will likely push farther away from you. If you try to make your daughter wear hijab or demand that they give you money, the void between you will only grow greater. I encourage you instead to focus your energies inward. What can you do …

An Open Letter to Parents of Muslim Teens

An Open Letter to Parents of Muslim Teens

Are you the parent or guardian of Muslim teens? This must be a scary time for you. You must spend a lot of time worrying about the potential danger out there for your teens. Yet, you feel powerless with little to no control over what goes on in their lives…

Muslim youth

Sacramento Hosts Muslim Youth Leadership Program

An American Muslim civil rights group announced plans for its 15th ‘Muslim Youth Leadership Program’ next August 4 in Sacramento, California to introduce American Muslim teens to the areas of the community that shape public opinion, CAIR California reported in a statement online. “The four-day program allows the Muslim students to work and participate in …

How Clothing Poses a Daily Challenge For Muslim Teenage Girls

How Clothing Poses a Daily Challenge For Muslim Teenage Girls

For most teenage girls, shopping for clothes is as simple as popping into the nearest Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, scanning the shelves for something they like, and selecting the right size. I, on the other hand, a covering Muslim girl, consider myself lucky if I leave a store with a single article of clothing …

Ramadan with American Muslim Teens - About Islam

Ramadan with American Muslim Teens

“Allah, thank you for the food and drink you have blessed us with,” prayed Baiyina, American Muslim mother of Kamal and Aasiyah Khalil from Missouri City who are 17 and 13 years old respectively, Houston Chronicle reported. The family had their iftar meal of the second rainy day of Ramadan after 15 hours of fasting …

Muslim Teens & Hyper-Sexualized Environment

Muslim Teens & Hyper-Sexualized Environment

Iblis (satan) refused to participate in the ceremonial prostration towards Adam (PBUH), and was thus cursed by Allah (SWT), banished from the comfortable abode of Jannah. Humiliated and dejected, Iblis hatched a plan of revenge against Adam (PBUH) and Hawwa, luring them to the forbidden tree. After repeated waswasa (evil whisper), it worked. Our parents …

Heads Up Guys: Campus Life Is a Challenge - About Islam

Heads Up Guys: Campus Life Is a Challenge

Whether you are living in dorms or stay at home while going to campus, college presents a new set of challenges for Muslim youth. This type of environment has a lot of dating, casual sex, drugs/alcohol and challenges towards Islamic rules of interaction for genders. It doesn’t mean this environment is always a struggle and …


Daughter Hanging Out with Non Muslim Cousins

In this counseling Answer: •Let her know your concerns for her own well-being and faith, and also about yours too and how you fear Allah’s judgment of you also for the times when she engages inbehaviourthat is Islamically inappropriate. •You could instead sign up to some kind of Islamic classes together, either locally or online …

Christchurch Massacre: Canadian Muslim Teens Struggle to Feel Safe - About Islam

Christchurch Massacre: Canadian Muslim Teens Struggle to Feel Safe

The aftermath of the Christchurch massacre in which a terrorist killed 50 Muslims while praying Jum`ah prayer on March 15 is having its impact on the lives of Muslim teens in Canada, with many feeling unsafe, afraid, angry, and unwelcome. Salahuddin Khan, a 14-year-old Canadian Muslim teen, sat close to the door when he and …

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