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Muslim Homeschoolers Essential Book Resources

Editor’s Note:

With most schools now shut down due to quarantine in many parts of the world; children and teenagers are stuck at home. Thus, home schooling becomes an important priority for many families.

Here, we highlight some excellent resources on home schooling that can benefit many people around the world.

Homeschooling your children is a decision that more and more Muslim parents are taking, but it can still feel like a huge decision and an overwhelming responsibility at times. Wherever you are in your homeschool journey, it’s crucial to access support and hear from other homeschooling families.

As a homeschooled teen herself, and mom of seven children who have never been to school, Brooke Benoit understands how important this is.

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That’s why Benoit has dedicated herself to creating these Muslim homeschoolers essential book resources packed full of useful and inspirational information and support. 

Whether you’re feeling a bit confused or you’re just looking for some encouragement, guidance, and motivation from like-minded souls, here are your must reads:

From Homeschooled Teen to Homeschool Mom

Voices of homeschooled children and homeschool parents are so rarely heard in the media, but it’s even rarer to hear from someone who has lived both experiences.

Benoit has so much experience, advice, and wisdom to offer, having decided to leave mainstream education as a teen, and then years later opting to educate her children in their own way, too. 

As a teen, Benoit found high school a stifling environment where she was not free to learn naturally and follow her interests.

Instead, she homeschooled herself, took the GED exam (american equivalent of a diploma), and launched herself into much more stimulating college courses, all at just fifteen years old. 

It may surprise you, then, that when Benoit had her first child, the idea of homeschooling didn’t come instantly. In fact, Benoit didn’t think about it at all during her son’s joyful baby and toddler years.

It was only when another mom brought up kindergarten enrollment that Benoit knew mainstream schooling wouldn’t work for her family, and so her children have never been to school. 

Over the years, Benoit has worked with each of her seven children to develop an individualized education path, based on their interests, following an unschooling philosophy of home education.

Through her rich experiences, we can learn a lot, not just about homeschooling, but also about building your ideal family culture, adapting to change, and much more.

Fitra Journal – A Muslim Homeschoolers Essential Book Resource!

Although more and more Muslim parents are homeschooling their children, there was a lack of quality resources written from a Muslim perspective. When she realized this, Benoit had the brainwave of creating a publication, written by Muslim homeschoolers for Muslim homeschoolers.

Benoit’s aim, in her own words, was that “…within these pages you will find the inspiration and camaraderie you need on your own homeschooling journey.”

Fitra Journal, her publication, is an exceptional resource packed full of helpful articles from homeschool parents, homeschool graduates, scholars, and experts. Both encouraging and reassuring, you can find useful advice on a wide range of relevant topics. 

There are currently four editions of Fitra Journal available from Amazon, both in print and in E-book format, each delving into a different topic.

Fitra Journal Volume 1 aptly covers getting started with homeschooling, while following volumes explore homeschooling in the digital age, homeschool methods, and much more.

Each issue of Fitra Journal is fascinating, value-packed, and enjoyable to read. I find myself returning to them again and again to absorb all the information and advice contained within.

How to Survive Homeschooling: A Self-Care Guide For Moms Who Lovingly Do Way Too Much 

As homeschool moms, we have so much on our shoulders. It’s so easy to forget self-care and always put yourself last, but from my own experience, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

And that’s why I would strongly encourage every homeschool mom to read this essential book – How to Survive Homeschooling: A Self-Care Guide For Moms Who Lovingly Do Way Too Much – (although even if you’re not homeschooling, you can benefit from it too). 

Part memoir, part self-help book, and part workbook; How to Survive Homeschooling is one of the best books you can read as a homeschool mom.

Dads should read it too to get a better idea how to support homeschool moms. Even if your time is limited, you won’t regret a second spent absorbing this short but sweet book. 

Posted by Fitra Journal – Muslim Homeschooling on Saturday, 2 June 2018

Brooke Benoit shares her experiences of decades of homeschooling her children and herself, and emphasizes the necessity of taking care of yourself.

She understands better than anyone the homeschool life: how one day can be amazing, and you’ll feel like you’re doing well by your children, and the next, everything goes wrong and you’re tempted to give up.

Reading her bold but kind words makes you feel like you’re having coffee with a wise, understanding friend who’s been there, too. 

Nearly everything you are doing in your life is for your children, but when you have given your absolute all, then what is left of you to further give?” – Brooke Benoit, How to Survive Homeschooling

In Part One, you’ll find short, astute essays followed by prompts and journaling pages which invite you to create your own self-care system. From writing your homeschooling mission statement to tracking your physical and emotional well-being, nothing is missed out.

The prompts feel helpful but not pushy, gently encouraging you to explore what is important and meaningful to you so that you can feel fulfilled in your life. 

The simple but ingenious idea of tracking your children’s achievements, from physical and academic feats to acts of kindness and creative efforts, is something that never occurred to me before.

By noting these moments down, they will be there to flick back to on those excruciatingly challenging days and to lift me up. 

In Part Two of How to Survive Homeschooling, Benoit shares her fascinating, abridged homeschooling memoir. From leaving an uninspiring high school environment to educate herself, to discovering the right homeschooling method for her family, it’s a captivating read.

So much can be learned from how Brooke and her family have adapted to change as they have moved overseas, into and out of rural mountain villages, lived through a divorce, and built the life they have always dreamed of.  

Why Having Great Resources is Essential for Muslim Homeschoolers

It’s easy to become isolated, discouraged, or confused when you’re embarking on a homeschooling journey. There might not be a supportive homeschooling community local to you, so having access to inspirational resources for Muslim homeschoolers is so important. 

Whether you’re looking for advice on a particular topic or you just need some encouragement, Fitra Journal and How To Survive Homeschooling are must-have resources for your shelves.

You’ll find yourself turning to them again and again throughout your time homeschooling your children, and they will become trusty and much-needed companions over the years.

First published: September 2019