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The Education Quandary - A Guide for Parents in the West

The Education Quandary - A Guide for Parents in the West

Parenthood requires making innumerable complex decisions. One of the most pressing and crucial choices that parents must make is where — and how — to educate their children. Today, parents have more options for schooling than previous generations had. Public schools, private secular schools, and Islamic schools are available in many cities. In addition, mothers …

Homeschooling vs Public School: Which Is A Better Choice?

Homeschooling vs Public School: Which Is A Better Choice?

In this counseling answer: •Historically, children have been successfully schooled using both options. •To make the decision that is best in your case, consider your individual circumstances. •You need to take time to really ponder over your options and which options you feel will work best for you in your circumstances. Wa ’Alaikum Salaam wa …

Is Homeschooling a Good Option for My Autistic Child? - About Islam

Is Homeschooling a Good Option for My Autistic Child?

In this counseling answer: •If you decide to homeschool your child, I suggest that you: Get yourself into a support group with other mothers who have children with autism; •Get help with the housework; •Utilize an established homeschool organization that provides help and support to families who are homeschooling their autistic children. •And see if …


Does Homeschooling Instill Shyness?

In this counseling answer: •You (at home) will have the greatest influence in shaping up your child’s personality based on her principles, perception of experiences, and ideas. •It is also important that children go to school and get to know the society that they will live in after they grow older. It is really very …

traditional school

10 Things I Don’t Miss about Traditional School

For four years my husband and I have been homeschooling our two older children, who are now in fifth and seventh grades. Prior to that, our kids had attended both private and public schools. I am not one of those people who insists that only one type of education is the “right” one. Homeschooling is …


Can No Longer Afford Tuition Fees

In this counseling answer: “You have to gauge your situationthere,and determine to what extent you can disagree with your parents, and make it clear to them that the decision is yours, as you are the parent to your children. They can suggest, they can guide, they can support, etc., but at the end of the …


Homeschooling As A Way of Protection?

In this counseling answer: “I think, ideally, if a parent can homeschooling or look after their child actively until they are 7 years of age, then afterthatthey should enroll them in the public school system. But parents need to play an active role in the school and become an ally of the school through parent …


Homeschooling Hiccups: Challenges Outside the Box

Homeschooling parents often talk about the joys of home educating their children, since they become able to build strong relationships with them encouraging them to develop as individuals rather than file numbers. In essence, homeschooling does entail gleeful shrieks while running in fields of bright Marigolds, but this does not mean it comes without challenges. …

I Shall Guard the Fingers that Hit the Keyboard - About Islam

I Shall Guard the Fingers that Hit the Keyboard

I Shall Cleanse My Heart and Guard My Tongue… As Well As My Fingers That Hit the Keyboard! Babies are often described as white canvases: innocent and mono-colored, untarnished and pure. The color, shade, or hue they finally assume comes from their surroundings — their family, extended relatives, peers, school, and the general environment that …


How Does Homeschooling Work?

As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, Homeschooling is not a philosophy with a set curriculum. It differs from region to region, and home to home. It is the parents who determine the type of education, the child’s role in the learning process, how thetopics are taught,what resources are employed or whether it is book learning or education for life. …

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