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Home, Work, & Baby; My Life’s Like a Factory

Home, Work, & Baby; My Life's Like a Factory

In this counseling answer: • You will need it to make the kind of change that you need in your life. • Your husband and the rest of the family can help a bit more towards a more sustainable family system that is beneficial for all. • When mothering is a shared responsibility amongst family and community members, …


Go Back to Work or Stay with the Baby?

In this counseling answer: •The period from 1 to 7 is crucial for a child to have a steady relationship with a primary care-giver, namely the mother. •So, the bottom line is that one can always go back to work, make money, and have career, but one can never go back to bring back the lost …


Go Back to Work or Stay with the Baby?

In this counseling answer: “Much of what we see happening to our children in the society where both parents go to work and the children are raised by other care-giver has created lots of social problems and deviant behavior such as drugs, truancy, stealing, lying, running away from school, aggression, and unable to cope with threats. This …

11 Ways to Maximize Productivity As A Work From Home Mom

11 Ways to Maximize Productivity As a Work from Home Mom

Vacuum the carpet. Clean the bathroom. Throw out the trash. Brew tea. Check Facebook. These are just some of the things that run through my mind when I sit down at my desk to start my work. If I were to give in to each and every whim I think of, I’d never get any work …

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For Working Moms: Make Life Easier for Yourself

Being a working mother is tough. It’s not easy to spend whole days trying to fulfill your responsibilities in two different places, home and work. It’s neither easy to let go of the feeling of guilt you are always plagued with when you think of your kids. No, please don’t get frustrated, there is good …


Moms' Guide on How to Choose a Good Nursery

“Hey honey, let’s carry your bag and go to the nursery. A loud cry is heard, and your little baby keeps begging you not to go, saying he wants to stay at home At this moment, you get a harsh feeling of guilt that you should stay with your kid all day and make him …

My Husband Has Never Been Able to Provide for Us

My Husband Has Never Been Able to Provide for Us

In this counseling answer: “Sister, you have to do some searching in your own heart to determine if you want to continue on with this marriage. As you are with your parents now, take this time to heal, to rest, to try to figure out what it is that you truly want. Ideally, I imagine you …

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Lucky Enough to Be A Working Mother?

When I read of a country like the UK making it so hard for pregnant women to keep their jobs or women coming back to work after a maternity leave being discriminated against, it makes me think we are going back 30 or 40 years!

Should Muslim Women Stay Home and Not Work

Should Muslim Women Stay Home and Not Work?

Wa Alaikum Assalam Dear Sister, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Idealistically, the choice for working or not working should be up to you and only you, as long as you abide by Islamic principles when outside the house. However, the culture in some societies defies Islam, since in Islam, …

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