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Common School Problems Parents Worry About – Counseling Answers

With every school year, we receive many questions from parents who are worried about their kids’ education, well-being and development. Here, we highlight fifteen answers by our counselors that might be of help as you sail through your parenting journey.

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15. My Son Is Not Interested in Studies, What Can I Do?

My son is 12 years old. He is not taking interest in studies. How shall I handle him in an Islamic way?


14. My Daughter Can Not Focus On Her Studies

My daughter is not willing to focus on her studies. We are worried in spite of helping her with the studies she is not coping with. She lacks attention and focus. She is easily distracted.


13. Raising Children: Will They Face Difficulties?

My children already learn and speak  three languages as their mother tongues, but we live in Germany where they will obviously need to learn the German language. In addition, by the age of 6, they will need to learn English. How can I help them to learn all these languages?


12. Are Multilingual Children Late Talkers?

I am concerned about his speech and cognitive development. I am not sure if he falls within normal range or not. He speaks or tries to speak 3 languages (mine, my husband’s and English). He can form sentences and carry a short conversation, but it’s sometimes hard to understand him


11. My Young Brother Is Struggling in School

My youngest brother who turned 14  is struggling at school — well not struggling because he doesn’t even try. He gets really angry if any of us siblings try to talk to him about studies.

Common School Problems Parents Worry About - Counseling Answers - About Islam


10.My Son Has a Speech Impediment

My son is 5 and he has issues with his F sound. It sounds like S sometimes. Like four sounds like sore.  Does he have a speech issue or is it a normal thing at his age to do this?


9. Islamic or Multicultural Public School?

My son enters his first year of school this September, and I am in a dilemma. Do I enroll my son in an Islamic school, where most of the children are from one background, or do I enroll him in a multicultural public school?


8. Homeschooling vs Public School: Which Is A Better Choice?

Which is better in regards to a child’s development: homeschooling or public school? My child has still a year to go to school, yet I am thinking a lot about this issue.


7. Coeducational Schools for Girls: Yes or No?


6. To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool?

I’m very interested in homeschooling. My son is very young at the moment, but I want to research and review my options before his school age. My husband disagrees with homeschooling and I want to dispel his misconceptions about children turning out “dumb” and unable to socialize etc.

Common School Problems Parents Worry About - Counseling Answers - About Islam

5. How Does Homeschooling Work?

I want to home school my kids, but I do not know anything about how it works. I would like to know some information. Do we pay a school that gives the home school program or what are the exact procedures?


4. Between the National Curriculum and Homeschooling

I’m homeschooling my children. Sometimes I think of registering my older one with a distance learning service, but I was advised by so many sisters not to because the child is still young (almost 7 now) and it would be hard for him and me too. Still, I love to teach him and want to follow the National Curriculum, but at times I feel tired.


3. Homeschooling As A Way of Protection?

As-salamu `Alaikum, I would like to know your opinion about homeschooling as a way to protect our children from the impurity of the Western society.


2. My Problem with The High Cost of Islamic Schooling

Currently, we are fortunate enough to have our school aged daughter enrolled in a good private Islamic school. However, due to the expense  and the grade limit of the school (the school only goes up to the 8th grade), we are not sure how longer we can send her there.


1. Can No Longer Afford Tuition Fees

I am unable to afford the hefty tuition fees for my kids. I have tried to change their schools, but my parents (grandparents of the children) keep putting them back into the same expensive schools. I have asked my parents repeatedly not to burden me with the extra expenses, but they don’t listen.