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Is It a Bad Idea to Get Married while in College?

06 June, 2021
Q Salam, I hope you are in good health. I am a shy guy who is interested in marriage for various reasons but I have quite a few problems. Firstly, I am a student, so have one more year at university. I am not quite sure how I can provide for my wife. I am not sure either whether my family will be opened to it. Secondly, as I am shy, I am not sure where to look for a wife. My parents think I am not ready and now I have started to believe I am not ready. Maybe I need to develop myself before I could look after someone else. My plan was to get married when I am 29, but suddenly things have changed causing me to want to get married early. This is always in my head, so it is affecting my mental health. I really want to get married but it’s like Allah telling me it’s not the right time yet. I also suffer from an addiction, so again that’s another reason why I can’t marry. I am not sure what to do. Please help.


As-Salamu ‘Aleikom brother,

Thank you for placing your trust in our ability to propose a solution to your current situation.

In this video, you will learn about:

  • whether Islam supports getting married early, even during college years
  • what to do when your parents think you are not ready for marriage
  • the importance of improving yourself prior to marriage
  • the importance of coming off your addiction and other unhealthy issues before marriage
  • the importance of thinking about your responsibilities as a future husband before marriage



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