Erectile Dysfunction: How Will I Get Married?

11 April, 2017
Q Assalaamu Alaikum, I'm a Muslim from Africa, I had priapism about three years ago Courtesy of being an hbSS patient. I later noticed that I'm now having erectile dysfunction because I'm not having a full erection again. And I've been seeking a medical solution to this but it's not yielding yet. Moreover I'm preparing to have my Nikkah soon, probably this year. But I don't know how to go about this because I always have urges for sex but I'm not having an erection that can penetrate. I'm confused. Should I tell my wife-to-be? What if she leaves me because of this? If I don't tell her and she finds out after our Nikkah, it would be a betrayal or deceptive issue? Does this mean I'm impotent who is eligible for Nikkah? But how do solve this because I do have sexual urges... Please advise me.



Salam ‘Aleikom brother,

Thank you for submitting your question.

Being impotent is different from having erectile dysfunction. Impotency has more to do with one’s sperm count and the ability to reproduce rather than the ability to “raise to the occasion”, so to speak. So, there are people, for example, who have erectile dysfunction but are still potent in a sense that they have enough amount of sperm. Those are two separate things and maybe you should be tested regarding your sperm count if it is a concern that you have…

In the rest of the video, you will learn about:

– The possible causes of erectile dysfunction
– What to do if you suffer from impotency or erectile dysfunction
– Whether someone with erectile dysfunction is allowed to get married
– Whether to tell fiancée about this problem or not
– How to talk with fiancée about this problem



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