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Where Is Justice?

08 February, 2017
Q I address to you a basic question, as you care for children, for the future. Initially, I started changing my bias toward Islam reading much about its doctrine and the sacred Quran etc. One point only makes me feel insecure about going deep to become Muslim and it's the submission to Allah during this life, in view of the other life is clear. But if this world is dominated by crass materialism and oppressive way of life, how can I stay quiet as a Muslim knowing all the bad things as egoism and tyranny are spreading in every corner? Why does the community of Muslims not succeed to create an example of well-ruled Muslims? They have to make do with tough rulers, corrupt kings, and unfair men of state, into which we may see clearly the ideology of our enemies. How may we adopt an appropriate way of life as Muslims if there is no horizon, on this land, of justice and brotherhood? Thanks for your reply.


Salam dear brother,

Thank you very much for contacting About Islam with your question. 

Yours is a question that bothers many thinkers who are really worried about the way the world is going.

But ponder about this problem along these lines: Allah has not made this world perfect. This is a testing ground for human beings to prove their worth. 

According to the Quran, God created human beings as His khalifah (ambassador) on earth. This means that we are given a number of faculties, which His other creatures do not possess.

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Humans are also given the freedom (within limits) to use these faculties. We find opportunities in this world for good as well as for evil. It depends on our choice, how we use our freedom: for good or for evil.

This test of the human will is only possible when there are both possibilities- good and evil. Please understand that our duty as God’s khalifah on earth is to fight evil at all levels and establish good. 

At any stage in human history, we find that the good people are outnumbered by bad people.

But it is because of the presence of at least a small band of good people in every age, who are ready to lay down even their lives if required, that justice and truth prevail in this world.

The duty of Muslims as taught by the Holy Quran and the Prophet is to stand out firmly for justice and truth in all circumstances, whatever be the threats or the temptations. 

As you said, the present day Muslim world presents a sad spectacle. But we must not allow this to dishearten us, or to dissuade us from our true mission; that is to stand out firmly for justice and to uphold the word of God against all odds.

When there are enough sincere people ready to sacrifice their comforts and conveniences for the way of God, it is the peace of Islam that triumphs.

A true Muslim is not dazzled by the splendor of wealth or the pomp of power. He or she is always thankful to God for the greatest blessing God has bestowed on him or her- Islam. 

A Muslim’s duty is not merely to preach to non-Muslims, but also to address his or her own brothers and sisters who go astray, and ask them to obey God and submit to Him.

Everyone, whether king or pauper, has to meet his Lord and answer before Him. But many ignore God’s commandments and lead their lives as they please.

Things fall apart, as the poet said, when the best lack conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity. So, let us be steadfast and not let the momentary successes of the forces of evil sway us from our true mission to establish truth and justice. 

May God help and guide us aright!

I hope this helps you answer your question.

Salam and please keep in touch.

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