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Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination (Part 1/2)

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination

{I am better than him: You created me from fire and You created him from clay} (Saad 38: 76) This was an infamous racist statement made by Satan, or the Devil, in his arrogance and disobedience to Allah. The story of Satan and Adam is a clear demonstration of how dangerous racial superiority can be …

Trump Muslims protest

Trump's America: How Should Muslims Respond? Protest?

Peace and Blessings Be Upon You With the recent events in Charlottesville, this question has crossed the minds of millions of Muslims in America. There is a difference of opinion among learned scholars regarding the permissibility of attending protests. One opinion is that protesting a leader is haraam (forbidden), that we Muslims must remain patient, allow leaders …

Where Is Justice?

Salam dear brother, Thank you very much for contacting About Islam with your question.  Yours is a question that bothers many thinkers who are really worried about the way the world is going. But ponder about this problem along these lines: Allah has not made this world perfect. This is a testing ground for human beings …

How Prophet Muhammad Resolved Disputes

Many a time, one or both of the disputing parties would come to the Prophet complaining about the other, and he would use impartial judgment as well as Divinely-inspired wisdom to decide which one of them was wrong and needed to apologize or compensate the other.

Basic Dictates of Love, Mercy & Compassion

Compassion dictates that Muslims should share in each other’s joys and sorrows. When a Muslim learns of something good that has befallen another, it is an occasion to rejoice. Likewise, the pain of Muslims anywhere in the world who have been stricken by tragedy should be felt.

Can Suffering Turn into Mercy

Can Suffering Turn into Mercy?

Salam Dear Reader, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Corruption, evil and injustices in the earth don’t mean that there is no God, they mean that many people have diverted from the path of God, from His Guidance, His Message, His Light and from seeking Him… “We don’t need God …

How to Find Inner Peace

Finding inner peace in today’s world is not easy. In a previous video, brother Nouman answered a question on whether one can find inner peace without faith. In this brief reflection, he starts by reciting a verse from the Qur’an which describes inner peace, where Allah (SWT) says: “They who believe and do not mix …

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