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Mr. Right: Or Mr. He Will Do?



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Apr 10, 2019


Assalamu aleikum

Currently I'm in a very difficult situation. I'm a practicing Muslim and I love Allah and his Messenger a lot. I try to avoid doing any kufr because I fear Allah. I'm a quite reserved muslimah I don't have male friends. One month back I get to know a Muslim guy through my University friend. I talked with him only few times and the chat was very straight on point and I like his commitment to Allah, he's a very practicing muslim as well. I never met him in person but through a friend of mine I sent him a proposal. He said he's interested but would like to ask to his parents consent next year when he'll finish with university. I thought I can wait because one year Isn't that much but during this both of us don't want to stay in touch.

Now a proposal has come to my house of a boy and all of my family likes this guy a lot, but I don't want to accept this proposal. I've searched online on social media his account and I saw he was in a relationship with few girls before and he still has those girls tagged on his social account. I never ever had a relationship of any kind that's why I want to marry someone who is like me and can help me to improve my deen. On the other my family is pressuring me a lot to accept this proposal I'm so confused and sad at the same time because I wasn't expecting this kind of behaviour from my family.... Is it a sin if I reject this proposal?



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