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Can My Husband Stop Me From Visiting My Family?



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Nov 22, 2017


As-salam alaykum! It's been 2.5 years since I married, and my interest to know more about Islam, marriage and relationships between spouses has been growing since then. May be it also happened because my husband and I used to argue about different things in our daily life, that I found myself lost and confused without knowing what was right and what was wrong in our arguments. I truly hope that you will help me with your answers. How often is wife allowed to visit her parents' house? Does she have to abandon them after getting married or even not consider them as her family anymore just because she came to a new family and has to devote herself to husband's parents and relatives only? Once I read that she is allowed to see her parents as often as she wants and take care of them, and the husband should allow her going there. I asked my husband to drive me to my parent's house for a visit as I missed them a lot, but he would always say that he has all rights not to allow me seeing them. He would let me only after seeing my tears, which I couldn't hold anymore. I know that I should ask my husband's permission before leaving the house, which I do, but why can't I see my parents when I want. I am very attached to them. What does Quran, Sunnah or Hadith say about it? Thank you very much.



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