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Patience with Hardship - The Story of Umm Salamah

Patience with Hardship - The Story of Umm Salamah

Sometimes when we’re experiencing hardships in our lives we fail to see Allah’s wisdom and mercy in the hardships. We become consumed with the hardship itself. However difficult the hardships may be, Allah always helps the believers and intends good for them.

Why Difficult Times?

Why Difficult Times? (7 Verses Tell the Answer)

Going through difficult times such as the ones we are going through as Muslims nowadays, it is quite comforting to read Allah’s promise in the Qur’an {Indeed with the difficulty there is an ease. Indeed with the difficulty there is an ease.} (Al-Inshirah 5-6) However a thought that comes to everyone’s mind is, Why do …

Happiness Awaits-the-Patient

Happiness Awaits the Patient

It is when we never face struggles, that we should take a deeper look at ourselves. Do not be angry with Allah for any trials you encounter, because even our trials are a blessing in disguise, and showing ungratefulness can welcome his wrath.

Are We Tested or Punished Through Calamities

Are We Tested or Punished Through Calamities?

Why does Allah test us? Especially when He already knows the sincerity of our faith. Why test us at all, when He already knows everything? How do we know whether the difficulties in our lives are a test, or a punishment for our sins?

Going Through Hardship - Is God Angry With Us?

As long as we begin by recognizing that God is with us and He is close to us, there remains a solution to our inner worries. There are things we need to know in order to develop our relationship with God. Then there are things we need to do in order to maintain that closeness to God.

Discovering One’s Flaws

Ibn`Atta': Discovering One’s Flaws

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: “Trying to discover the flaws within you is better than trying to discover the worlds hidden from you.” One may start his journey to Allah the right way. But unfortunately, he might feel self-conceit or feel that he is doing Allah a …

New Muslims: Keep Going

Remember that you are on a spectacular path that not many people travel, not even many born Muslims. And for your struggle to become closer to Allah, Allah will come closer to you.

Wise Muslim: Are You Patient and Grateful?

We are tested in our health, wealth, offspring, etc. But why does Allah test us? Indeed, hardships purify us. The world tends to consume us, diverting us from the remembrance of Allah. Hardships draw us closer to Allah and to the Hereafter; reminding us to work more to reach our ultimate destination in the Hereafter; Jannah.

How to Handle the Pain of Unrequited Love

Having Hope in a Better Tomorrow

What tools can we use to develop hope in the future? The main tool is to develop a closer relationship with God; to learn more about Him, develop and strengthen links with Him and turn to Him for support and guidance. This can be done through reading the Quran and reading…

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