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Discovering One’s Flaws

Ibn`Atta': Discovering One’s Flaws

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: “Trying to discover the flaws within you is better than trying to discover the worlds hidden from you.” One may start his journey to Allah the right way. But unfortunately, he might feel self-conceit or feel that he is doing Allah a …

Is Your Trial Much Greater Than This One?

Is Your Trial Much Greater Than This One?

I want to tell you a story and then relate the biggest trial you have been through with this story. So, perhaps you’ve got divorced, perhaps you lost your job, perhaps you didn’t get into the degree program that you wanted to get in… But all these are trials of life related to the following story.

Worry Ends when Faith Begins

Worry Ends When Faith Begins

Pour your heart out. Say what you want. Ask for what you desire. Cry if you must. He is listening; you are not alone. The peace that follows is impeccable. When you are constantly praying and talking to God, your trust in Him distinctively increases. The closer you are to Him, the more you realize how dependent you are upon Him.

3 Things Bring Us Near to God

3 Things Bring Us Nearer to God

Turning towards Lord can be to ask His Help or to worship Him. Either way we get near to Him. Earnest servants voluntarily worship Him a lot. Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was born in a polytheistic society, but he was on a true quest for God…

Tired of Life? 7 Practical Tips to Lift You Up

Tired of Life? 7 Practical Tips to Lift You Up

Your tiredness or depression might be because of something you missed out on or did not acquire or achieve. Maybe your doom was in that thing and if you had gotten it, you would have been in loss in both this world and the Hereafter. So accept the decree of Allah and seek His Help.

Why Difficult Times?

Why Difficult Times? (7 Verses Tell the Answer)

Going through difficult times such as the ones we are going through as Muslims nowadays, it is quite comforting to read Allah’s promise in the Qur’an {Indeed with the difficulty there is an ease. Indeed with the difficulty there is an ease.} (Al-Inshirah 5-6) However a thought that comes to everyone’s mind is, Why do …

Live an Extraordinary Life! A Lesson From Life’s Trials

Live an Extraordinary Life! A Lesson From Life’s Trials

My mother was right. Life is about facing our tests. She told me not to expect a life that is easy and simple. Once we passed one test, there would, must and should be another one coming. This reality shown by my mother has allowed me to see life in different perspectives altogether.

Don't Let Calamity Shake You

Don't Let Calamity Shake You: A Story of Dealing with Trials

It is not in human nature to strive to be better when we are experiencing ease. It is when calamity comes that we change. Just like a lump of coal will remain a lump of coal until a great amount of pressure is put on it. This is the pattern of nature that Allah has created.

Lessons from the Trials of 4 Prophets

Lessons from the Trials of 4 Prophets

The trial of Solomon shows that the natural understanding of many Muslims that wealth itself is something bad is wrong. Rather, it is the love of wealth, and when that love for wealth exceeds the love of Allah and takes us away from is that a problem…

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