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How to Respond Appropriately to Islamophobia?

How to Respond Appropriately to Islamophobia?

Building on what was addressed the last time in terms of acceptance of differences as a means to increase dialogue and overcome boundaries in integration, this article will focus specifically on dealing directly with Islamophobia and strategies we can use to cope with this. Discrimination, namely Islamophobia in this case, can been exhibited in many …

Haram Relationships

Counselors’ Tips on How to End Haram Relationships

Temptation is all around us, yet one temptation that proves to be formidable is haram relationships. It is such a growing issue in our Muslim communities that amongst college students in America, 57% of men and 48% of women report engaging in premarital sex. Our society markets sexuality and relationships outside the context of marriage …


Just for Brides- to-be

It’s really so stressful and arduous when you find yourself stuck in the middle of disturbing details of preparing for your wedding, while time is counting down. Although you feel so excited and happy, you are also so stressed, can’t stop thinking about all of those endless details that you are supposed to settle during …

Muslim Converts & the Christmas Blues – A Counselor’s Tips

Muslim Converts & the Christmas Blues – A Counselor’s Tips

It is that time of year again wherein approximately 160 countries celebrate Christmas. Usual festivities include decorating homes and tree’s with colored lights, cooking, shoppers buying gifts, santas on corners and in stores giving a cheery “ho ho ho”. Children eagerly make out wish lists and family and friends plan festive get togethers.  At work …


10 Steps to Ace Your Exams

How do you turn your revision from a passive coloring-in-my-book activity to an interactive experience? How do you prevent your mind from forgetting everything you’ve revised in the actual exam itself, let alone months or years afterwards?

A Hijabi's Guide to Nailing an Interview

Job interviews can be so nerve-wracking! But if you do a little prep beforehand, it can actually be an enjoyable and confidence-boosting experience. I know it may not seem possible now, but trust me on this! As a hijabi, you might have some concerns about religious discrimination, but rest easy: the law is actually on …

inter-cultural marriage

Ten Things I Learned Being in an Inter-Cultural Marriage

I’ve been in an inter-cultural marriage for about 10 years Alhamdulillah. When I first got married and after the honeymoon phase had worn off, the cultural shock was really difficult to bear. It is hard enough when two people from the same culture get married because they still have to adapt to each other and …

Dear Future Wives: Here Are 10 Tips for a Successful Marriage

Dear Future Wives: Here Are 10 Tips for a Successful Marriage

Let’s be honest. You are no more daddy’s girl who can do whatever she wants at anytime! You are not living by your self and hanging the “Don’t disturb” signal on your door. Those days are gone.. You are now a grown up young lady who is getting married Masha’Allah 🙂 Marriage is a great transition …

How to Select a Career and Stay Focused

How to Select a Career and Stay Focused

As students, many career and education options are open to us, especially with the growing popularity of online education. It can be frustrating and difficult to pick a career that fits you personally. Once that difficult decision is made, the challenge becomes maintaining focus and motivation while in school in order to obtain your career …

Hijabi hair

Just For Women: How to Take Care of "Hijab-Hair"

Hijab hair means the limp, flat, sometimes-painful hair that results after a long day of wearing hijab. Needless to say, hijab hair can be a total bummer so read on for our tips and tricks to help with limp, flat, lifeless hair! 1) The right ponytail A side-part ponytail is a better alternative under your hijab than a …

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