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Goree island

Goree Island: The Gateway to Hell

What an awful, beautiful island. The approach to Goree Island, just off the coast of Senegal , a 15-minute ferry ride southeast of the country’s capital city of Dakar , gives the impression of exotic serenity. Even walking through the small island, a mere 900 meters (0.6 mi.) long and 300 meters (0.2 mi.) wide, …

Muslim Player Mendy Puts his Faith in Manchester City

MANCHESTER – While Benjamin Mendy wanted to work with the world-class coach Pep Guardiola, there was an additional religious reason why the Muslim player chose the Abu Dhabi-owned English football club of Manchester City, Arab News reported. “The club’s chairman Khaldoon Al-Mubarak talked to me in addition to the owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al-Nahyan …

NASA Picks Senegal to Host Final Plan for Historic Space Mission

NASA Picks Muslim Country to Host Final Plan for Historic Space Mission

DAKAR – An expedition of 40 NASA scientists will camp in the Muslim African country of Senegal this August to plan for the final stage of the historic space mission ‘New Horizons’, SciDev reported on Wednesday, July 11. After flying past Pluto in 2015, ‘New Horizons’ space probe is now heading to an unprecedented discovery …

7 Muslim Countries to Watch in World Cup

MOSCOW – No Muslim country has ever won the football’s most prestigious competition, the FIFA World Cup. However, the best achievement for the Muslim World in the championship was Turkey’s historic qualification to semifinal and grabbing 3rd position in 2002, as well as Senegal’s qualification to the quarterfinals in the same tournament. In this 2018 …

Start with the Quran

Before Seeking in-Depth Knowledge, Start with the Quran

I meet Muslim brothers who tell me all the bad things about a particular scholar. I ask the brother if he can read Surat Al-Fatihah. I find that he cannot even read the Quran properly, but he was able to speak about a scholar of Islam. What kind of Islam is this? When the Companions of the Prophet became Muslims, the first thing they concentrated on was Quran and how to pray.

I Loved Senegal, I Didn’t Want To Leave!

I Loved Senegal, I Didn't Want To Leave!

After his friend spent time in Senegal he accepted Islam. This changed their relationship a little but when he saw how Islam changed his friend, he accepted it. He went to Senegal and didn’t want to leave!

How Islam Helps Senegal Keep AIDS at Bay

In 1986, when Senegal’s first six cases of HIV/AIDS were detected, two health experts, Souleymane Diop and Ibra Ndoye, immediately went to visit the president. Diop and Ndoye explained to President Abdou Diouf the urgency and magnitude of the problem. Diouf’s reply was straightforward: “You are the experts. Tell us what we must do and we’ll …

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