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Super Muslim Comedy Tour: Mixing Laughter with Charity

How can homeless children in Senegal benefit from your laughter? By attending one of the 11 nights of the Super Muslim Comedy Tour in the UK taking place from 9 to 17 November.

Who Are the Super Muslims?

Organized by Penny Appeal, the tour is in its fifth year and it features comedians from the UK and US.

The performers are: Azeem Muhammad, Prince Abdi, Fatiha El-Ghorri, Esther Manito, Abdullah Afzal, and Paul Chowdhry.

Penny Appeal, an international, UK based humanitarian charity, organizes this tour along with many fundraising events to support women and children living in deprived and often dangerous environments around the world.

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This year, proceeds from the benefit will go to Forgotten Children, an organization in Senegal which provides relief for homeless children:

Thousands upon thousands of forgotten children are living in abject poverty, many of them facing the fight for their survival alone. These children are exceptionally vulnerable to exploitation because of their circumstances, with physical, psychological, and sexual abuse being a very real threat.

Instead of being able to enjoy a carefree childhood, full of laughter and play, they are forced to grow up well before their time. There are countless forgotten children with no one to care for them out there, right now living dangerously on the streets…”

Where Is the Event?

This week, you can catch a show in Slough, Luton, Birmingham or London.

 See all ticket information here.

Muslims Are the Best Charity Givers in UK

It is  an established fact that British Muslims are the most generous givers of charity.

In 2016, The UK’s Charity Commission (CC) praised Muslim charities in a blog by its outreach manager Nick Donaldson. The blog said that British Muslims gave approximately £100 million to charitable causes during the month of Ramadan that year, which equates to approximately £38 a second.

The news came to confirm Muslims’ reputation as being the most generous religious group when it comes to charitable donations.

According to a report by the National Philanthropy Council, Muslim charities raise £542 million each year. A 2013 ICM and Just Giving report found British Muslims give more than twice as much to charity than the average Briton.

In another incident, ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, acknowledged the efforts of the community stating that “Charity is one of the things that Islam is all about. Here in Britain,Muslims are our biggest donors – they give more to charity than any other faith group.”