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Can It Be the Theory of Everything?

Would you believe me if I told you that there is one unified master equation that can describe everything, every force in this world, every phenomenon in our cosmos, and how our universe was formed? From atoms to galaxies? Currently, this theory is just a proved complicated mathematical equation; however, scientists now are trying to …

UAVs in Muslim Countries: Viewing World from Above

No doubt the drones are getting more popular these years. You can find them in different fields starting from recreational things like toys to major applications in for instance crops monitoring, anti-poaching, mining, mine detection and even military uses like bombing and reconnaissance. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is simply an aircraft that lacks a …

Near-Death Experiences: An Islamic Perspective

Transcribed by Science Section Staff Is it metaphysics? Is it supernatural? Is it pseudoscience? Is it real? Is it a sum of psychological hallucinations or a physiological disorder or both? Could it fall under the category of the phenomena studied by the field of Parapsychology? All these are questions that are raised just by mentioning …

Time Travel Gate to Mysteries of Unknown

Time Travel: Gate to Mysteries of Unknown

In one of Lost TV show’s episodes named “Whatever Happened, Happened”, the audiences were exposed to one of the most puzzling concepts adopted by Albert Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory.

Nutritional Blessings

Nutritional Blessings from Our Prophet

Modern Muslims often turn to books and magazines to find out what foods will make them healthy. However, the Qur’an and Hadith have provided many ideas of foods that we can include in our ideal diets. The Qur’an mentions many fruits and vegetables as well as meat, milk and many spices among the foods Muslims …

Benefits of Exercise

We often hear of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In practice, however, we struggle when it comes to joining the gym or eating a healthy meal. As Muslims, we should have a drive and desire to look after the body, as it is a gift and trust given to us by …

Tabula Rogeriana

Islamic Start of Modern Geography

Although astronomers through their study of the universe were able to theorize about such general geographical concepts like the shape of the earth, early geography was for the most part a product of the imagination: a collection of wondrous fables and marvelous tales of faraway places.

Aliens, Alternate Dimensions, and Allah

Let’s say that one day we discover extraterrestrials knocking on our atmosphere. No doubt, this would be a shock to the world. But would the mere existence of these aliens shake the core foundation of all world religions? Would a heavenly revealed religion come to a screeching halt with the revelation that there is other …

Muslim Astronomers

Observatories in Islamic History

Astronomy was always a matter of interest in Muslim lands. Muslim populations and their pre-Islam ancestors have always excelled in this fields of science.

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