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Remembering God - At One With His Creations

Remembering God - At One With His Creations

How do you strive for inner peace when everyone around you is partying out loud? It’s always hard to go against the flow. But there’s a way. It’s hard to go against the flow. But, think about this, in actively remembering Allah, are we going against the flow?

Allah Smiles at Such a Person

What must they have done to deserve the smile of Allah the Almighty? The Prophet mentioned one of the three people is a person who has a beautiful spouse and a very comfortable bed, but then in the middle of the night, he gets up and leaves his spouse, leaves his desire to remember Allah.

When You Cry Remembering Allah

When You Cry Remembering Allah

When you cry and remember Allah, it is a sign that you are truly repenting to Allah for the sins that you have committed and this can ensure you do not go to Hell.

Always Keep Your Tongue Moist with Dhikr

Always Keep Your Tongue Moist With Dhikr

Always keep dhikr (remembrance) of Allah on your tongue no matter what. Why? Whenever Allah Almighty tries you and tests you, the first thing you’ll say is the dhikr of Allah. I have a friend back in Australia, who was a teacher from Uganda. And…

7 Things Ramadan Taught Me

7 Lessons the University of Ramadan Taught Me

Ramadan is like a University. It teaches us things that we learn for life, and are meant to use them for the rest of our life. So, before we completely forget Ramadan, let us remind ourselves of some of the lessons that Ramadan taught us…

Meaning Taqwa

What is "Taqwa" and How Can I Develop It?

Short Answer: Taqwa essentially means “awareness of God” or “piety,” but has sometimes been translated as “fear of God,” though not with the usual meaning of “fear.” In order to develop taqwa, one should remember Allah often, learn more about Him, repent often, fast often, remember death often, and work to increase your good deeds while decreasing your …

think about death

Is It Bad To Think About Death Often? I'm Afraid!

Short Answer: Actually, remembering death is not a bad thing. It’s essential to remember that death is a fact that will happen and can happen to any of us at any minute. It is a fact, and it’s not healthy to ignore or run away from this fact. Rather than being afraid of death, prepare for it. Understand …

Before It’s Too Late- Call Yourself To Account

Before It’s Too Late: Call Yourself To Account

A man should call himself strictly to account for his past actions. Every evening he should examine his heart as to what he has done to see whether he has gained or lost in his spiritual capital. This is the more necessary as the heart is like a treacherous business partner…

Easy Ways For Remembering Allah

Easy Ways For Remembering Allah

What is important here is not the words and utterances in themselves but rather the meanings and intentions thereof; therefore, such words as “Glory is to Allah”, “Praise is to Allah”, “There is no god but Allah” and “Allah is Greatest” are “the things that endure of good deeds”

Glorifying Allah Manifests Your Love to Him

Glorifying Allah Manifests Your Love to Him

Believing in Allah is one thing and glorifying Him is another. Glorifying Allah makes you obey Him, draw closer to Him, fear Him and love Him. Thus, believing in Allah through meaningless traditional belief and glorifying Him are two different things.

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