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Allah Smiles at Such a Person

Is there anything else we know that Allah Almighty has prepared for the people of the night?


The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

There are three categories of people whom Allah Almighty loves and He smiles at them and he is happy with them.

Imagine Allah Al Malik, the King, Ar-Rabb, the Compeller, Al-Jabbar smiling at you!

What must they have done to deserve the smile of Allah the Almighty?

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The Prophet mentioned one of the three people is a person who has a beautiful spouse and a very comfortable bed, but then in the middle of the night, he gets up and leaves his spouse, leaves his desire to remember Allah.

So Allah Almighty will say to His angels:

Look at how my slave has left his bed and his desire in order to remember Me. And if he wanted he could have continued sleeping.

Allah smiles at such person.

What Happens when Allah Smiles at You?

So you may think, ‘what’s the significance of the smile of Allah?’

What happens when Allah smiles at a person?

Imam Ahmad narrates in his Musnad that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said answering this question:

When your Lord smiles at a person in the life of this world, he will not have any accountability on the Day of Judgment.

All of the horrors that we hear about the Day of Judgment, will not apply to these people, because they will not be held accountable.