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Why Bad Things Happen to Us

Why Bad Things Happen to Us? Answer in One Minute

Allah (SWT) is able to do anything He wishes to do. If that is indeed true, then why bad things happen to us? Why does evil exist in this world? Can’t Allah (SWT) prevent anything bad from happening? Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair explains further and answers. More about the topic:

Predestination and Hard Work

Predestination and Hard Work: Where is Justice?

Short Answer: Allah is the One Who provides to all of His creatures. Allah holds ultimate power and control over all matters, and nothing happens except with His permission. Hard work for doing something good, always yields positive results, both tangible and intangible. Allah compensates the doer of good, the one who strives hard, with something good in return. …

Guidance & Free Will: Why Didn't God Make Everyone Good

Guidance & Free Will: Why Didn't God Make Everyone Good

Do we have free will? Why didn’t God make everyone good? Why are there good people and bad people?  And then in the end the bad people go to hell? How do these questions relate to the issue of human being freedom of choice and free will? Join Ustadh Fadel Soliman as he answers these puzzling …

Why Should I Make Duaa If God Has Already Decreed Everything?

Why Should I Make Duaa If God Has Already Decreed Everything?

I never make duaa though I am Muslim and definitely believe in God. What is the point in making duaa If God has already decreed everything?

Our destiny is already determined, why then should we make supplications?

Watch bother Fadel Soliman’ answer to this question.

How to Beat Negative Feelings During Hard Times

How to Beat Negative Feelings During Hard Times

In hard times, negative feelings develop and aggravate our suffering. People have different reaction and go different directions. A Muslim, however, should have the best reaction because he has the true Lord, Allah, to turn to. Do you have such negative feelings and do not know what to do? Join Sheikh Navaid Aziz as he explains …


Destiny and Fate: Our Choice or Allah's?

Short Answer:  In Islam we accept things that happened in the past as being Allah’s will. And Allah knows our intentions. When we freely choose goodness over evil, it is obvious that we sincerely believe in it. Allah is Most Merciful and Most Just. He creates what He wills and He causes it to die when …

How Much of Your Life is Determined? Understanding Qadar

How Much of Your Life is Determined? Understanding Qadar

The first qadar is one that you have no choice in. It is destined for you, determined for you, it is with the knowledge of Allah, with the Will of Allah, with the creation of Allah, and with the ability of Allah. It has those four levels of the qadar of Allah. And those are…


What Is The Importance of Qadar As An Article of Faith?

Salam (Peace), Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. First, we should understand what qadar means. For understanding’s sake we may simplify it as thus: qadar is the belief that every happening in the universe occurs within the parameters of a system God has set in motion, and that …

Does Belief in Qadar Justify Passivity?

Belief in Qadar (Predestination or the Divine Decree)[1] is one of the pillars of the monotheistic faith of Islam and whoever disbelieves in Predestination declares himself to be outside the fold of Islam. In the well-known hadith of Archangel Gabriel when he came to the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) to inquire about …

Are We Born Lucky or Unlucky?

Are We Born Lucky or Unlucky?

There is no such thing as “good” or “bad” luck according to the Islamic faith. When something good befalls you, it is not because you are an exceptional person. When something bad befalls you, it does not mean that you are cursed of having a bout of “bad luck”.

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