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How Should Our Belief in Qadar Impact Our Actions?

We should understand what the meaning of Qadar is. Linguistically, Qadar means the thing that is measured. When we look at the etymology it, it’s something that is measured.

So what’s the connection with something that measured to predestination?

Allah has placed a measure on every single thing from every single aspect that is imaginable and that which we can’t even imagine.

Firstly, the fact that there are things that are measured that we can’t even imagine should show His magnificence.

Second, if there a measure for things that we can’t imagine that we know about, then that shows His infinite wisdom and knowledge; His wisdom of doing things at the right time and His knowledge that He knows everything, He knows the hypothetical situations.

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So with that reality in and of itself, this is who you’re dealing with: The creator of the heavens and the earth and the creator of everything; and He’s created its due amount, whether it’s a lifespan, whether it’s sustenance, whether it’s emotional balance for human beings, whether you’re going to be happy or sad… Allah knows it and it is written.

How does that impact our actions?

This reminds me when I was a new Muslim and I was with a friend of mine and I asked him, when I was laying down and then I got up and I said:

“As Muslims can we believe in aliens? I can only believe that there are Martians on any other parts of the world.”

And I will never forget this answer. He said: “I don’t know, but they better be making salah.”

He said: “Even though there are other forms of creation on this earth, but they better be praying.”

Why was this a lesson for me?

Because there will be things that you’ll not know about, you will not have encountered, but what you can trust in is that what Allah has given you is the best for you.

With that, as a result, with things that we don’t know about, why did Allah predestined certain things? And if He knows everything that’s going to happen, why should I act?

The Muslim should be in the middle course to where they act in hope of Allah’s mercy because we don’t know in the end of the day what’s going to happen; but we act also because we don’t say,” He knows, so why should I act?”

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Whatever Allah tells you is for a divine wisdom. So when He tells you to do something, it’s for divine wisdom; when He tells you to stay away from something, it’s a divine wisdom. He has written things and that He has knowledge. Our elements are elements of predestination. So he creates, He knows, He wills, and He writes things.

So understanding this issue of Qadar, firstly we should understand that we’ll never totally be able to encompass it; and that reality of your inability to totally understand and encompass Allah’s abilities shows your level as a slave of Allah.

And by default, it automatically shows that you are someone that has limits; with those limits, is understanding why Allah does what He does. But what we do know is what He has told us, and we should be concerned with what He has told us in trying our level best in implementing that.

So your actions should be in accordance to what He has told you, fulfilling the orders and recommendations of Allah. Because Islam, in the end of the day, is set of guidelines with objectives.

If you try your level best to fulfill those guidelines and stay within the parameters of those guidelines, Inshallah you’ll be successful; you’ll gain Allah’s pleasure. And Allah knows and we don’t know.