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An Alliance of Knowledge and Power

An Alliance of Knowledge and Power

For knowledge to fully play its projected roles of enlightenment, enrichment, guidance, transformation and progress in the society, it needs the unreserved help and support of genuine and honest authority or power, and its protagonists. In the same vein…

Power Moves- The Story of Umm Sulaym

Power Moves: The Story of Umm Sulaym

Abu Talhah married Umm Sulaym, they have a child that he loves so much. The child passes away and Umm Sulaym doesn’t tell Abu Talhah. She covers the child and beautifies herself for her husband. And after their intimate night, she tells Abu Talhah…

Power of the Quran – Changing Hearts and Minds

The Power of the Quran in Changing Hearts and Minds

I, personally, felt this pull when I was a young Christian mother grappling with the tragic death of my grandmother. On the same night I heard the heartbreaking news; I grieved in the darkness of my bedroom and had no idea how to cope with the loss. Suddenly, I felt this intense urge…

The Ugly Face of Power

The Ugly Face of Power

It is healthy to wish to improve one’s status at work and get a promotion and rise. However, when one falls prey to ones’ lusts for power crushing anyone that may stand in the way through lying, bribery or even to the extent of killing co-workers then this is a deadly gluttony for power.

Uzbekistan Solar Oven Distance

World's 2nd Largest Solar Furnace in Muslim Lands

The solar power is an important source of renewable energy. Its technologies are either passive solar or active solar. In fact, these categories of solar technologies depend on how they capture and distribute solar energy or convert it into solar power. Solar furnaces are one of these solar technologies which use concentrated solar power to produce …

What Does God Keep Doing Everyday?

What Does God Keep Doing Everyday?

Allah is constantly involved in the act of Creation, and in the act of altering the circumstances of created things. He brings things into existence from nonexistence. He enriches the poor. He gives strength to the weak. He also brings about the opposites…


You Don't Change, You Don't Exist

Did you think in 1998 that just three years later you would never take pictures on paper film again? At that time, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot …

What You Have Versus What God Has

What You Have Versus What God Has

Since by necessity what we have is going to run out, there is only one way to make it everlasting, there is only one way to live a true legacy and this is to transfer what we have to the bank of Almighty God.

How to Pray Istikhara and How to Read the Decision?

Praying Istikhara - How to Read the Results?

The results of an istikhara prayer can take many forms. Basically, you go by your feelings, whether you now feel more favorable or not. Also, you may notice events have changed, either for what you have expected or not. Note that you must follow the results of an istikhara…

Whenever You Are Afflicted, Say These 4 Powerful Du’as

In rough times, and in times when we feel all is lost, du’a is usually what we think as “our last weapon”. In fact, du’a is among the strongest of resources that a believer has. These du’as are those that were made in times of difficulty and uncertainty…

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