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Peterborough Mosque Raises Money to Help Starving People

PETERBOROUGH – The Muslim community of Faizan‐e‐Madina Mosque in Peterborough has raised thousands of pounds of food to help needy people all over the world, Peterborough Today reported on March 3. “The Muslim worshippers are always raising money through weekly donations to help people needing emergency relief. We raise money where there is a need. …

Muslim Shopkeeper Provides Free Energy Top-ups to Needy

The harsh winter months are a time when many people in Britain struggle to afford to heat their homes. In particular we have the elderly, many of whom are too terrified to put the heating on due to affordability and the high costs of their utility bills Fuel poverty is not limited to pensioners and …

Tons of Surplus Hajj Food Given to Needy in Makkah

MAKKAH — Tons of Hajj surplus food have been distributed among more than quarter of a million needy in Makkah. “Our organization received excess food from a number of local Hajj companies, and this was distributed among more than 47,000 beneficiaries,” Ahmed Al-Matrafi, chairman of Ikram Welfare Society to preserve and distribute surplus food, told …

ICNA Ramadan Boxes Help Needy, Refugees

NEW ORLEANS – A leading Islamic relief group has launched a campaign this Ramadan to ensure that refugees and needy people have enough groceries to keep and break their fasts during the holy month. “We don’t want any family to worry about the grocery bill breaking the bank,” Jenny Yanez, a volunteer at ICNA Relief …

Muslims Give 2000 Meals to Denver Homeless

Muslim volunteers gathered on Saturday, October 28, to pack and distribute 2000 lunches to homeless people across Denver, Colorado, as part of an event held across 20 cities.

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