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Mohamed Among Top Baby Names in U.S. City

The St. Cloud Hospital’s, Minnesota, announcement that baby boy name Mohamed came third in the city’s most popular baby names has triggered a wave of hate comments


Muhammad and Jesus: Common Ground

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: 1ِِِِ- All the Prophets and Messengers of God (may Allah be pleased with them all) were sent as light bearers to the humanity; they all came with …

Prophet Muhammad's Migration - Hope after Hardship

Prophet Muhammad's Migration - Hope After Hardship

The Prophet knew that he had to leave Makkah, he knew that they could no longer stay there. He would look for people that he could relate to and perhaps through that discussion, he could build a relationship to where those people would offer them sanctuary…

after Jesus

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Come After Jesus?

Short Answer: Mostly because the true message of Jesus was lost with time. Jesus and Muhammad taught the same basic idea: worship God alone, be a good person, be just and generous and helpful and stand on the side of the oppressed. But over time, his message was corrupted by people like Paul. It’s the Paulified …

Loving Jesus or Muhammad- Can I Have Both?

Loving Jesus or Muhammad - Can I Have Both?

I never felt I had to abandon loving Jesus exchange for following Muhammad. I could have both. In fact I had the best of both worlds: loving Jesus, while following Muhammad’s teachings without assigning divinity to either. I felt I was a winner!

Why Can't We Have a New Prophet Today?

Why Can't We Have a New Prophet Today?

The teachings of the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are alive, have been fully preserved and made immortal. The guidance he has shown unto mankind is complete and flawless, and is enshrined in the Glorious Quran. All the sources of Islam are fully intact…

39 Benefits of Sending Blessings upon Muhammad

Ibnul-Qayyim collects 39 benefits, in his amazing book Jalaa ul Afhaam, regarding invoking Allah to Bless Prophet Muhammad. All of the points are based on authentic evidence from the Quran and Sunnah.

What a Proper Relationship with the Prophet Entails

What a Proper Relationship with the Prophet Entails

he circle of ittiba` is wider than that of ita`ah (obedience). The latter covers obligatory and compulsory requirements whereas the former covers optional and supererogatory works. Obedience at times may be superficial and lacking sincerity whereas ittiba` can only be performed with love and devotion.

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