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Jesus or Muhammad – Whose Teaching Method is Tough?

Jesus or Muhammad – Whose Teaching Method is Tough?

Many people who superficially compare Islam and Christianity have this same idea that Jesus emphasized heaven, love, peace, and forgiveness while Muhammad taught about hell, punishment, waged war and was harsh or even threatening…

Quraish Negotiates with the Prophet (Story)

Shortly after the conversion of the two powerful heroes, Hamzah ibn `Abdil-Muttalib and `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with them), the clouds of tyranny and oppression against Muslims in Makkah started to clear away and the Makkah polytheists realized that it was no use meting out torture to the Muslims. They consequently began …

Muhammad (PBUH)- Prophet, Leader, Servant

Muhammad (PBUH)- Prophet, Leader, Servant

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was dedicated to the betterment of his people in all spheres of life. He first and foremost served his people as their teacher. He regularly used everyday instances to give insight, introspection, wisdom, and more.

The Values of Jesus and Muhammad

The Moral Values of Jesus and Muhammad

The moral value — or virtue — fundamental to the three monotheistic religions is faith. This was the value of Abraham by virtue of which Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are traced back to him. We can see in Abraham what this virtue consists of: Abraham believed in God, believed in Him because He is God, and …

2 Major Media Myths About the Prophet

2 Major Media Myths About the Prophet

Lately I had a conversation with a non-Muslim about how Prophet Muhammad wasn’t as “holy” as we affirm. When I asked him about his sources, he replied, “Well, it’s all over the news and social media.” This small chat made me think…

The More You Know Him, The More You Love Him

When I was first introduced to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it was in a religion class in college. I took the class specifically to learn about Islam, as it was the only class that even came close to it, monotheistic world religions…

Does Muhammad Fit the Prophecies Mentioned in the Bible?

If we ask any Christian, what does the Holy Bible say about Muhammad? He will tell you that it says “Nothing”. You may ask why nothing? Does not the Holy Bible speak about the rise of Israel, the rise of communism, and even the beast in the book…

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