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Malcolm X and the Transforming Power of Hajj

Malcolm X and the Transforming Power of Hajj

Malcolm X went to Hajj in the year 1964. He went as an ardent believer in Black Nationalism and returned to America a changed man. He had a life-transforming experience. Prior to Hajj, he divided humanity into black and white and saw no possibility of uniting them. His experience of Hajj convinced him otherwise. Hajj …

Black History Month Ends... Imams Cherish Black Legacy

Black History Month Ends... Imams Cherish Black Legacy

At the end of the Black History Month, we explore here some insights of Muslim Imams about the occasion. Islam teaches us that there is no room for racism. The diversity of languages and colors of human beings is a sign of Allah’s majesty. It offers us an opportunity to practice humbleness, to cherish equality and to …

US Muslim Students Explore Malcolm X’s Legacy

NEW YORK – A Muslim students’ group at Cornell University, New York, celebrated the life and legacy of Malcolm X through a roundtable discussion attended by both Muslim and non-Muslim students. “Never have I witnessed such sincere hospitality and overwhelming spirit of true brotherhood as is practiced by people of all colors and races here …

Malcolm X After Accepting True Islam

Malcolm X After Accepting True Islam

When Malcolm X made hajj, he saw white Muslims and how they accepted everyone as human. He knew that Islam can re-educate the white man in USA to stop racism that was (and is) so rife there.

Would God Make Me Speak Arabic?

“Do you have to pray in Arabic?” and one of the colonel said: “Yes it has to be in Arabic” So I asked him “Why would God demand that I speak a language that I can’t speak and I don’t understand?” So I left it then it put me off.

Racism is Everywhere, but I Found Islam a Safe Haven

America is a very racialized place, I mean racism is something we can’t escape from. And growing up in an inner city that is very multi-cultural, I could relate to many ways to Malcolm X’s journey. But when he went on the Hajj and he changed viewpoints a little bit, that’s when I was really impressed.

Blind Reading Quran

Blind Yet Seeing God's Light

My reading material was very limited because I am a totally blind person and the material available about Islam in braille or on tape was not only very little, but also very general. I believe the reason was that the material that I had access to wasn’t written by Muslims and it kind of painted a dark picture of Islam.

Finding Spirituality in Pilgrimage

When I was doing Tawaf (circumambulation) of the Ka’bah last year during hajj, I was struck by the mingling voices of people with varying accents. People with differing colors and physical characteristics typical of divergent climes and cultures…

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