Texas Muslim Event Sends Message of Unity, Peace

TEXAS – The Muslim community in North Texas hosted an event Saturday to send a message of peace and unity after controversial Islamophobic retweets from President Trump.

“We’re at an impossible situation as an American-Muslim community,” said Imam Omar Suleiman, Fox News reported.

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“The ‘Fake News’ President tweets fake videos about us to portray us as some ‘boogey man’ community,” he added.

The event brought together the interfaith community to honor the life and legacies of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali.

The event, attended by daughters of both Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X, included launching a new scholarship fund in their name to honor their lives and legacies.

“What our dads believed in is truth and belief and love and respect for all humanity,” said Rasheda Ali, “and I think we need that right now so bad.”

The event came after US President Donald Trump retweeted anti-Muslim videos, originally posted by far-right org Britain First, none of which have been verified.

The retweets were condemned both in the US and the UK as spreading an Islamophobic agenda and giving a platform to hate groups.

Organizers hope that Saturday’s event encourages others to reach out and learn first, before making snap judgments about them.

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