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Prophet Muhammad's Assertiveness

Prophet Muhammad’s Assertiveness

Assertive people are balanced, calm, polite, and respectful. They are able to reach their goals without hurting or insulting others. They love for others what they love for themselves and do their best to turn a win-lose situation into a win-win situation. Assertiveness is not a single attribute, but a collection of complementary traits that constitute a healthy personality. Some of these…

Love in the Prophet's Home

A foremost characteristic of life in the home of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was love. Love is the quality most necessary to ensure happiness. When love is present, happiness is assured. The Prophet preferred a life of poverty, which was sometimes close to, if not below, the subsistence level. Yet this …

Woman Invents Refugee Tents that Collect Rainwater and Store Solar Energy

Woman Invents Refugee Tents that Collect Rainwater and Store Solar Energy

In an effort to ease the lives of millions of Syrian refugees, a Canadian architect of Arab origin has come up with an inspiring idea of creating a tent that collects rainwater and stores solar energy. Invented by Abeer Seikaly, a Canadian-Jordanian architect, the tent uses a unique structural fabric composed of high-strength plastic tubing …

Trapped in an Airport for 7 Months, Syrian Man Finally Finds Home in Canada

Trapped in an Airport for 7 Months, Syrian Man Finally Finds Home in Canada

Stranded for seven months at the Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia, a Syrian refugee was finally granted entry into Canada, The BBC reported on November 29. According to CNN, two organizations were behind this development. The British Columbia Muslim Association and Canada Caring Society have lobbied for months and eventually managed to sponsor his release. Hassan al-Kontar, …

3 Things Will Make You Enjoy the Outdoors

3 Things Will Make You Enjoy the Outdoors

We live in our little bubble of working to live and living to work, that we lose the opportunity to achieve tranquillity and experience the other creations of Allah in a positive manner. How can we change the way we look at the outdoors? Should we be thinking in a certain way?

The Prophet Helped His Wives

Rasha Al-Disuqi discusses how the Prophet (SAW) helped his wives around the home. Nowadays, men don’t like to help whilst his wife is doing all of the work in the house. It is not about how much he does, but the fact that he will help her do dishes, or cook or encourage her rather …


Plant Your Vegetables On Your Rooftops

Rooftops of buildings are usually large areas overcrowded with junk and useless objects. With a little effort and money, these rooftops can be transformed to mini-gardens that produce vegetables and fruits, free from hormones and pesticides. Many countries have embarked on projects to increase the amount of greenery on rooftops. This provides a good opportunity …

Home - English Nasheed (No Music)

Home - English Nasheed (No Music)

Here is a beautiful nasheed by Khaled Siddiq called Home. Listen to the beautiful lyrics. May Allah forgive us all and keep us all on the straight path. Ameen.

Taking Care of Things at Home - Whose Responsibility is it?

A religious young person should safeguard the weaker members of the family from having to leave the home too much. He should take care of their needs himself. He should go to the shop for them. His home is not some hotel where he goes to sleep, eat, and drink…

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