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Building Peace In Your Home - Episode 1

Beware of Peace Disrupters

Building Peace in Your Home is a new series about how to prevent conflict at home.

Our home ideally is the place of love and peace, the source of recreation and comfort. However, the reality is that often this peace does not come easily.

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What can we do to create and promote a positive atmosphere at home?

In this series, Sr. Hana Alasry provides some practical and useful tips to prevent conflict among family members living together

Be transparent – prevent clashes

In this first episode, she explains the importance of warning about “peace disrupters” that could lead to sudden clashes when you arrive home. 

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In the video, you can find out why it is beneficial to create transparency about your feelings and why it is a good idea to warn your family that you are having a hard day before your arrival. 

Watch the video (above) for more details!

About Hana Alasry
Hana Alasry is a Yemeni American Muslim community organizer and activist working most heavily with MAS Youth. Her work focuses heavily on Muslim youth development, Islamic tarbiya and the Yemen crisis. She is currently in PA school studying medicine at the University of Detroit Mercy.