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6 Tips on How to Wake Up for Fajr

Try These 6 Tips to Wake Up for Fajr

If you find yourself feeling guilty about missing Fajr, that in itself is a gift from Allah (SWT) which reminds us that He wants us to keep working towards maintaining a connection with Him which is organic in nature: a connection that needs to be nurtured and cared for.

Prayer Is Better Than Sleep

Prayer Is Better Than Sleep

When young Muslims meet others for the first time and find out that they are Muslim, often one of the very first questions they ask each other is, “Do you pray?” It’s as if this is their touchstone to see if the person they have met is a real Muslim or not. Calling yourself Muslim …

The Angels Of Asr & Fajr

Allah said that angels work shifts to watch over us, one set in the day and one set in the night. What makes the angels of Asr and Fajr so important? Watch this!

Early to Rise - The Habit That Will Change Your Life

Early to Rise - The Habit That Will Change Your Life

To develop a habit you must start by something that you can retain your focus on. So, better start with praying Fajr and reciting 5-6 verses of Quran (for the beginners of course) and then build from there. Remember, Allah loves the deeds that are consistent, even if they are little.

The Most Blessed Time Of The Day

The most blessed time of the day is right after Fajr up until sunrise. This is the best time to do anything and it will be full of blessings.

2 Best Times for Du’a in Ramadan

2 Incredibly Valuable Times for Making Dua in Ramadan

This is an incredibly honorable and special time which you should not miss at least during Ramadan because the virtues of this great month make this hour more special and virtuous and surely it is easier to catch up with this time during Ramadan than…

Do Eating & Drinking After Fajr Invalidate Fasting

Do Eating and Drinking After Fajr Invalidate Fasting?

Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. It is clearly stated and known that the time of fasting is from sunrise till sunset, which is known in Islamic Fiqh as …

When to Stop Eating... Determining the Times of Fajr and Imsak

When to Stop Eating... Determining the Times of Fajr and Imsak

The following essay is an attempt to clarify the issue of al-fajr al-sadiq (the true dawn) and the cut-off point for suhur (the pre-dawn meal), in light of the Qur’an, the authentic traditions, and the sound practices of the companions, their successors, and the venerable imams and scholars. The Spirit of Ease in Shari`ah Let me …

Getting Out Of Bed For Fajr

Getting out of bed for Fajr is a very tough battle we face each day. However, if we remember all of the benefits of this prayer, we will be up on time every day.

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