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2 Incredibly Valuable Times for Making Dua in Ramadan

What if I tell you there are two extremely, incredibly valuable times during Ramadan when if you make dua, you have a very good chance to have your wishes fulfilled?

When the Prophet was asked about which dua is the most heard or most accepted, he replied:

The dua in the last third of the night.

1- Before Fajr

This is the time before Fajr. So why is this time so special? Because Allah has specified this hour for His majestic descent. He descends every night to the lowest heaven and calls out to those who will invoke Him. Yet this is the time when we are the most negligent because we are fast asleep and it’s not easy to leave the comfort of your bed and choose to wake up and make dua.

You won’t do this unless you have a persuasive sincerity and an overwhelming desire.

You won’t leave your coziness unless you truly believe and are sure and confident that Allah will respond to you when you call upon Him at this hour.

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You won’t leave your slumber unless you’re truly sincere and genuine to get what you want.

You won’t leave your relaxation unless you are heartfelt in your repentance and seeking forgiveness.

So when you display this unwavering sincerity and desire and abandon your bed to invoke your Lord at this time, Allah promises a sure positive response to your call. He comes down to the lowest heaven and says:

Who will call upon Me so that I may answer him.

Allah has promised to give you what you ask of Him at this time. He says:

Who will ask Me so that I may give him.

He has promised to forgive you if you ask His forgiveness at this hour. He says:

Who will seek my forgiveness so that I may forgive him.

2  Incredibly Valuable Times for Making Dua in Ramadan - About Islam

So this is an incredibly honorable and special time which you should not miss at least during Ramadan because the virtues of this great month make this hour more special and virtuous and surely it is easier to catch up with this time during Ramadan than outside it because you do get up for sahur, don’t you? Pre-dawn meal is a sunnah and the Prophet encouraged taking sahur. He said:

Eating sahur is blessing

So don’t miss it even if you take a sip of water. Sahur is important because it gives you the strength you need to worship Allah throughout the day for the prayer, the Quran, and dhikr.

In Ramadan a starving person can’t perform well. He is sluggish and there is no enthusiasm and the heartiness which is required to rightly perform the fast. Because fasting is not just keeping away from eating and drinking; you also have to keep away from bad language and immoral behavior.

The Prophet said:

If one of you is being cursed or annoyed, he should say ‘I’m fasting, I’m fasting.’

And sahur helps you in keeping up with the etiquettes because it protects you from intense hunger. Hunger which can trigger bad manners that decrease your rewards. So make sure you wake up for sahur, rather a few minutes earlier and should use some time for dua and istighfar.

Let me tell you something that will make you even more eager to make dua in this precious time. In the Quran, when Allah praised His believing slaves those who will enter Jannah and live therein forever, He mentioned that one of the distinctive qualities is that they used to seek forgiveness before dawn and in the hours before dawn they were asking Allah for forgiveness.

2- Just before Maghrib

The other valuable opportunity for dua arrives, just before Maghrib when you are hungry and thirsty and you feel you’re weakest, you realize how vulnerable you are, how weak you are without just the daily basic needs which Allah provides for you. It is at this time that you are truly humbled and the dua you make with this humbleness in your heart is more likely to be answered.

But aren’t we always too busy preparing iftar at this hour? So much that we don’t realize that these precious moments are slipping away unnoticed and unused. But not anymore dear sister! Inshallah this Ramadan let’s wrap up our chores and close the kitchen a few minutes before iftar for dua and istighfar.

This video is transcribed by Reading Islam team.