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Islamic Schools Top Table of UK’s Best Schools

Islamic Schools Top Table of UK’s Best Schools

Both Muslim girls’ and boys’ schools in Blackburn, Lancashire, run by the Tauheedul Education Trust, beat off competition from London grammars to top the annual school performance tables coming first and third in the Department for Education’s national league tables.

Luqman Advises His Son (Qur'an Chapters)

Luqman Advises His Son (Qur'an Chapters)

Luqman (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the very few individuals who were quoted by Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala in the Qur’an. Although he was not a prophet, he was a famous person in the Arabic literature renowned for his wisdom and wise quotations. Luqman was mentioned in the glorious Qur’an and …

How to Deal with Today's Teenagers (Islamic Reflections)

How to Deal with Today's Teenagers (Islamic Reflections)

Teenagers are hurricanes of hormones and emotions transitioning from adolescence to adulthood as fast as they can in an increasingly malicious world. No less so are Muslim children in the West. Now more than ever, parents need to oversee and watch over, however not lord over, their teenage children. Parents must play a role in influencing …


Does Homeschooling Instill Shyness?

As-Salamu `alaykum dear sister, Jazaki Allahu khayran for trusting us with your question. We ask Allah Most High to give all of us guidance and prosperity. What I understood from home ed is that your daughter is being taught at home only and not within a school facility. If my understanding is true, then I …

Can Women Lecture in the Mosque?

Can Women Give Lectures in the Mosque?

During his lifetime, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to teach and instruct people in his Mosque. His Companions followed suit after he passed away. Although there are no reports of women systematically teaching in the mosque, there are hundreds, even thousands, of prophetic traditions transmitted by women. Besides, hundreds of hadiths …


Homeschooling in the Muslim Lands - Why?

For many Muslim families who homeschool in the West, they expect to discontinue doing so once they move abroad as if all the reasons they chose to homeschool in the first place will be left behind.

Imam Azeez: Don't Take Kids' Respect for Granted (Video)

Imam Azeez: Don't Take Kids' Respect for Granted (Video)

Many Muslim countries still cherish Islamic values of dutifulness and respect to parents which makes it easier for kids to learn and practice these norms. That is not necessarily the case in Western countries where values of individual freedom and personal success have the upper hand. The problem emerges when parents living in the West …

12 Prophetic Methods of Education

It is reported in the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) that he sent messages to different kings and leaders in a way to spread the Word of Allah and disseminate the message of Islam. Among the then world leaders who received such noble messages was Caesar, the Roman Emperor. In …

Badiuzzaman’s Bridge Between Science & Religion

Living in the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 19th century where a swirling of ideological clashes and philosophical quarrels of concepts took place, the Kurdish Sunni Imam Badiuzzaman Said Nursi was steadily moving in his enlightenment way in unwavering footsteps based upon two pillars; science and religion.

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