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"Can I Have an Affair?" A Youth Asks the Prophet (PBUH)

"Can I Have an Affair?" A Youth Asks the Prophet (PBUH)

Imagine a young man coming to the Imam of your neighboring mosque with this strange request: “Can I get a fatwa that permits me to commit Zina (fornication/adultery)?” What kind of response will he receive? I think that shocked and angry reproach is the most likely reaction of the attendees and the Imam; you would …

Education, Transmission of Message & Muslim Identity

In this series: Identity & Culture Faith and Understanding Education and Transmission  Action, Participation and Muslim Identity in Western Context Faith (iman) is a pledge (amaana), and Muslims are required to pass this amana on to their children and those close to them and, as we have already explained, to bear witness to it before …


Can No Longer Afford Tuition Fees

In this counseling answer: “You have to gauge your situation there, and determine to what extent you can disagree with your parents, and make it clear to them that the decision is yours, as you are the parent to your children. They can suggest, they can guide, they can support, etc., but at the end of the …


School Homework Could Be Effortless!!

The traditional scene in many homes is the daily quarrel and nagging about completing the child’s homework however boring or tiresome it may be. Mothers complain all the time about how they spend hours of their precious lifetime trying to reinforce their children to complete their assignments. The mothers’ sacrifice could reach the extent of not going …

Can Women Lecture in the Mosque?

Can Women Give Lectures in the Mosque?

During his lifetime, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to teach and instruct people in his Mosque. His Companions followed suit after he passed away. Although there are no reports of women systematically teaching in the mosque, there are hundreds, even thousands, of prophetic traditions transmitted by women. Besides, hundreds of hadiths …

Luqman Advises His Son (Qur'an Chapters)

Luqman Advises His Son (Qur'an Chapters)

Luqman (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the very few individuals who were quoted by Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala in the Quran. Although he was not a prophet, he was a famous person in the Arabic literature renowned for his wisdom and wise quotations. Luqman was mentioned in the glorious Quran and …

Ken Robinson

'Why Do Schools Kill Creativity?' Sir Ken Robinson on Education Revolution

Sir Ken Robinson, a leading thinker on creativity and education, has studied our models of education and their effect on societies around the world. His ideas about education, and how to change it, have resonated across cultures and audiences. Robinson believes that the current systems of mass education are outmoded, too standardized, and stifle true …


My Son, His Teacher and Me

 In this counseling answer: “There’s no better way to handle these situations than being polite but yet firm, and never accuse your children’s teachers and put them on the defensive, this will make it more difficult for you and your children. In this way the teacher feels that you are a caring parent and she will …


Motivating Our Youth Beyond Bigotry

In this counseling answer: “You need to help her understand that what she is feeling is most probably a physical attraction or just an overall fondness for her male friend. It is a good time to explain to her that, for example, love is more about giving than it is taking. In addition to the …

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