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FUNNY | 5 Mistakes When Correcting Others (Video)

FUNNY | 5 Mistakes When Correcting Others

Good intentions are not enough. Sometimes you offer a sincere advice to a Muslim brother or sister, but the way you present the advice may be not so friendly; correcting people my alienate them rather than attract their attention to the right path. Allah Almighty says, {Invite (people) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and …

My Parents Do Not Understand Me

My Parents Don't Understand Me! (Video)

Are you an exhausted parent, frustrated with your teenagers who became different; who are not those cute, listening kids they used to be anymore? Or perhaps you are a young man/woman who feels disappointed about the ceaseless commands and instructions of your dad and mom who, indeed, never understand you. Well, you are invited to …

Useful Tips for Teaching Children Effectively

Wa `Alaykum as-Salam wa Rahamtu Allahi wa Barakatuh, Jazaka Allahu khayran for your question. The problem here in the United Kingdom in specific and the West in general is the lack of discipline and behavior management controls in schools, and thus this often creates a challenge for teachers especially in high school context. As a …

traditional school

10 Things I Don’t Miss about Traditional School

For four years my husband and I have been homeschooling our two older children, who are now in fifth and seventh grades. Prior to that, our kids had attended both private and public schools.  I am not one of those people who insists that only one type of education is the “right” one.  Homeschooling is …

education in Islamic history

Education in Islamic History

From the very earliest days of Islam, the issue of education has been at the forefront at the minds of the Muslims. The very first word of the Quran that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was, in fact, “Read”. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once stated that “Seeking knowledge is mandatory for all Muslims.” With such a direct …


Does Homeschooling Instill Shyness?

As-Salamu `alaykum dear sister, Jazaki Allahu khayran for trusting us with your question. We ask Allah Most High to give all of us guidance and prosperity. What I understood from home ed is that your daughter is being taught at home only and not within a school facility. If my understanding is true, then I …

Challenges for Muslims in the West... Will Our Grandchildren Be Muslim?

Will Our Grandchildren Be Muslim? - Dr. Altaf Husain

In view of the enormous challenges facing Islam and Muslims in the US and in the West in general, this question is fully justified. The question is meant to provoke thinking and to prompt work and effort. What are the hardships that threaten the future Islamic existence? What are the challenges that our grandchildren will …

12 Prophetic Methods of Education

It is reported in the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) that he sent messages to different kings and leaders in a way to spread the Word of Allah and disseminate the message of Islam. Among the then world leaders who received such noble messages was Caesar, the Roman Emperor. In …

Prophetic Strategies of Correcting Mistakes

7 Prophetic Strategies of Correcting Mistakes

When the Prophet saw this, he summoned the boy who trembled in fear at that point. Instead of scolding him, the Prophet asked if the boy had a strong voice.When the boy affirmed, the Prophet spent some time with him reciting the words of the adhan with him until they were memorized. The Prophet rested his hand on the boy’s chest and prayed for him.

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