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Islamic or Multicultural Public School?

As-Salamu `Alaykum brother, Thank you for your important question which raises an issue that a lot of parents in the West inevitably face. Before we answer the question, let us think together on some of the things we want a school to provide for our children: A good education A safe playing environment Respect for …

Exercise Fosters Child's Academic Performance

Exercise Fosters Child's Academic Performance

Picture a successful architect, lawyer, professor, or any other professional. A common image would include a person with eyeglasses or invisible contact lenses, wearing a properly tailored, neatly pressed grey suit – a suit that hangs on a physically fit body. Whether or not it is socially just, a common stereotype is that a successful person …

The Quran Sunnah Architectural Creativity Part 2

The Quran, Sunnah and Architectural Creativity - Part 2

No architectural plan and design, which served as a solution for an age and a place, can be simply “parachuted” to another age and place without properly modulating it to its rigorous environmental and socio-cultural requirements. To do that is to betray the dynamic spirit…

Toronto District Appoints Muslim Trustee

The Toronto District School Board trustees have appointed Abdul Hai Patel as the new Trustee for Ward 21 (Scarborough-Rouge River), reported on Thursday, April 21.

Why Do Youth Move Away From Religion? 4 Reasons

For the young Muslim, the question pops up: “If Islam was the only true religion, why do Muslims not have success, progress, honor, and peace in this world?” Since they desire material success & wealth, they equate leaving the Islamic religion…

Will Our Grandchildren Be Muslim?

Will Our Grandchildren Be Muslim?

In view of the enormous challenges facing Islam and Muslims in the US and in the West in general, this question is fully justified. The question is meant to provoke thinking and to prompt work and effort. What are the hardships that threaten the future Islamic existence? What are the challenges that our grandchildren will …

The Real Power of Knowledge and Education

Education is not to prepare a person for his professional life only, and to equip him with a few practical skills relating to his field of interest. Rather, education is to prepare a person for life, enabling him to succeed not only in his chosen specialization, but also in life as a whole…

Educated but Ignorant!

The more advanced the scientific world, and the more sophisticated the technological achievements become, the more problems emerge and beset humankind, both in terms of their quantity and intensity. More problems are thus created than solved; so, it’s one step forward, two steps back.

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