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UK Muslim's Suitcase Inspires Art Exhibition

Being a constant target for security double checks in airports, a Birmingham-based Muslim artist has taken inspiration from his suitcase for a new exhibition highlighting the prejudice he and others have faced as Muslims.

Islamophobia Haunts UK Muslims in Workplace: Report

Painting a disturbing future for young Muslims in the UK, a new report has revealed that members of the religious minority are less likely to succeed in the workplace with many reporting experience of Islamophobia, discrimination, and racism.

Half US Muslims Suffered Discrimination: Survey

Half of American Muslims say they have experienced discrimination in the past year, reflecting an unwelcoming political atmosphere since the election of President Donald Trump late last year, a new survey has found.

Muslim Forced to Choose Between Job, Hijab

A Muslim woman, Aya Alhassani, received a job offer in Scandinavian Airline, was subsequently told she could only take on the role if she was prepared to remove her hijab.

Muslim Sues School for Framing Him As Extremist

A Canadian Muslim student is suing his Montreal high school after a joke misheard by the school monitor landed the young student in jail for months, framed as terrorist, before being freed from court.

UK Muslim Solicitor Gets Rare Help to Succeed

One of the UK’s leading specialist health and social care legal firms, Ridouts, has taken the unusual step of releasing a statement after the successful qualification of a Muslim colleague.

Hollywood Actor: US Muslims Are New Blacks

Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson called the American Muslims “the new black kids in America”, comparing the discrimination they now face in the US to that which African-Americans have experienced decades ago.

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