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Indian Taxi Co. Hits Back at Client Who Turned Down Muslim Driver

NEW DELHI – An Indian Taxi provider has criticized the media adviser of a Hindu right-wing organization who triggered uproar on Twitter by boasting that he had turned down a taxi ride because the driver was a Muslim, Times of India reported on Monday. “Ola, like our country, is a secular platform, and we don’t …

American Courts, Media Treat Muslims Differently: Study

American Courts, Media Treat Muslims Differently: Study NEW YORK – A new study has revealed that American courts treat Muslims differently, giving perpetrators of ideologically motivated violence plot sentences four times longer than non-Muslims involved in similar cases. “The findings of this report build and expand on existing research, and provides quantitative backing to many …

Black History Month Ends... Imams Cherish Black Legacy

Black History Month Ends... Imams Cherish Black Legacy

At the end of the Black History Month, we explore here some insights of Muslim Imams about the occasion. Islam teaches us that there is no room for racism. The diversity of languages and colors of human beings is a sign of Allah’s majesty. It offers us an opportunity to practice humbleness, to cherish equality and to …

"Dislike, Disagree, But Don’t Discriminate"

Anyone who heard Mennel Ibtissem’s rendition of Hallelujah on the French edition of The Voice heard the music of an angel, preaching coexistence by mixing Arabic and English in her beautiful performance. Such was the positive reaction of even Brigitte Macron, the French president’s wife, as she praised Mennel saying, ‘Hallelujah in (English and) Arabic, …

Challenges in Observing the Hijab

Challenges in Observing the Hijab

In this counseling answer: While things may be difficult now, in sha’ Allah, if you continue to wear hijab, it will get easier. Allah is most merciful. Allah helps and blesses His servants in ways we cannot imagine. While, of course, the ultimate decision of whether to wear hijab or not is yours, sister, please do think …

Dallas Muslim Denied Job Over Hijab

An American Muslim woman has been denied a job at a Garland department store after she was told that she cannot wear the hijab on the sales store.

UK Muslim's Suitcase Inspires Art Exhibition

Being a constant target for security double checks in airports, a Birmingham-based Muslim artist has taken inspiration from his suitcase for a new exhibition highlighting the prejudice he and others have faced as Muslims.

Islamophobia Haunts UK Muslims in Workplace: Report

Painting a disturbing future for young Muslims in the UK, a new report has revealed that members of the religious minority are less likely to succeed in the workplace with many reporting experience of Islamophobia, discrimination, and racism.

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