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5 Ways to Profit from Pain

5 Ways to Profit from Pain

One of the greatest loses that we incur in our life is psychological pain. It is often worse than bankruptcy, worse than physical injury, especially its origin is hurtful behavior of our close ones. Is it possible then to convert this pain in the heart into profit?

We Are in Love With This Dunya - Sad Reality

We Are in Love With This Dunya - Sad Reality

Don’t exhaust your effort and waste your life chasing a mirage, chasing something that Allah has promised us it will be destroyed. Do you want true happiness? Run to Allah. Allah will give you true happiness in this life and in our real home, the everlasting home…

5 Things Bring Inner Peace and Tranquility

5 Things Bring Inner Peace and Tranquility

The road to tranquility is not a state of being. It is a path that has to be walked upon and deeds that need to be done in order for us to reach that station where we are at peace with ourselves. Part of the desire to achieve tranquility has been embedded…

Happiness is to Be Happy With Little

Happiness is to Be Content With Little

You got what you wanted, what’s the point? Why worry about what someone else has got? You become depressed, not because you don’t have enough, but because you are looking at what others have got! But you have enough.

Defeating Greed; Six feet of Land

Defeating Greed... Just Six Feet of Land

In high school we studied a novel on defeating greed by Tolstoy called “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” According to the peasant Pahom “Our only trouble is that we haven’t land enough. If I had plenty of land, I shouldn’t fear the Devil himself”. Having overheard Pahom’s remarks, the novel continues, the devil …

Become a Content Muslim; Less may Actually be More

Become a Content Muslim; Less May Actually be More

Are you a content Muslim? When I was younger, my siblings and friends would describe our days and moods as either ‘Eeyore’ or ‘Tigger days,’ depending on how content and happy we were. It was seen as a joke at first, but as we got older, we realized that we were able to change our …

6 Steps for a Closer Relationship with Allah

6 Steps for a Closer Relationship with Allah

Allah gives us a personal one-to-one appointment to talk with him five times daily. It’s something many neglect, called prayer! If you are at work and are facing a problem, you would request a meeting with your manager…right? Of course you would! Apply this analogy with Allah…

Can Real Muslim Be Depressed?

On Depression: Can a Real Muslim Be Depressed?

God promises to light our darkness and intends to straighten the paths that have become crooked. When we are depressed, we are blinded by misery and hopelessness. God plans to heal our blindness. While we may feel weak during our times of depressions it takes a strong person to admit we need help.

The True Purpose Of Marriage

What is the true purpose of marriage? Marriage is supposed to be like heaven, we should be happy, content and enjoy each other. Marriage is supposed to bring us peace and tranquility and contentment.

Love Dunya

Love of Dunya: Where to Draw the Line?

Short Answer: This obsession with dunya, or the pleasures of this world, is mainly due to poor tawakkul  (full reliance on Allah) and discontentment, and fear of poverty. The solution is to take Allah and Prophet Muhammad’s advice and apply it to our lives: remember Allah in all we do, remember death is imminent, and …

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