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Muslim Woman Inspires Aussies to Play Football

Dubbed as excitement machine, Lael Kassem, a founding member of the Auburn GIANTS women’s AFL team, is breaking down barriers, working hard to achieve her dream, and motivating others to take up the Australian popular sport.

How Muslim Athletes Cope With Ramadan Fasting?

As the holy month approaches its final third, many are curious how professional Muslim athletes were able to handle Ramadan fasting and prayers while maintaining good performance in their teams.

Pool Curtains Integrate Aussie Muslim Women

An Auburn public pool has installed privacy curtains and introduced a two-hour women-only swim period on Sundays so that Muslim women can swim without being seen by other pool users.

First Muslim Youth Day Planned in Australia

Seeking to empower young Muslims in the work field, a leading Muslim organization will be hosting the country’s first Muslim youth day next week, to help youth find career direction.

Aussie Far-Rightist Turns Down Muslim Goodwill Gift

A gift of two headscarves to Pauline Hanson, the leader of the far-right One Nation party, are to be returned to the Muslim fashion designer, after the politician rejected the Muslims’ message of multicultural solidarity.

Aussie Muslim Children Show Inspired By Pig

SYDNEY – The creator of a new Islamic television program supporting Islamic values for children said he was inspired by the popular Peppa Pig show, rejecting claims that he created the alternative show because Muslim “hate pigs”. “We’re not against pigs – they’re a creation of God Almighty,” Subhi Alshaik, the founder of the production …

Australia's First Muslim Movie Makes History

Australia’s first Muslim romantic comedy movie made history after hitting big screen in world’s premier last Friday, bringing the daily life of Muslims to cinemas away from the usual stereotyping.

Aussie Muslim Counters Fear with Knowledge

SYDNEY – As a new poll revealed unexpected fear among Australians towards Muslims, a Muslim leader said on Tuesday that only talks and interaction would end the unjustified concerns.

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