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Aussie Muslims Condemn Program Mocking Jesus Christ

Muslim activists have announced plans for a protest at Channel 10 studios after ‘The Project’ program aired a comedian’s offensive joke about Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him).

“We, as an Australian Muslim Community, strongly condemn the recent episode of the Australian TV show ‘The Project’ that aired content that mocked the revered figure of Jesus,” Muslim activist Steve Dabliz said in an email to Daily Mail Australia.

“Such derogatory and offensive remarks have no place in a diverse and inclusive society like Australia.”

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Muslims were protesting a joke made by comedian Reuben Kaye who was speaking about the hate he receives from members of the public for being gay and wearing drag when he joked: “I love Jesus. I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more!”

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Steve said Jesus holds a “revered position as one of the mightiest messengers of God” and urged Australians to show “compassion” towards one another.

“We call upon all individuals to show compassion and tolerance towards one another, regardless of their religious beliefs,” he added.

“Let us unite in upholding the values of love, respect, and dignity for all, and work towards building a world where mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence prevail.”

Christians Too

ChristianLivesMatter group member Charlie Bakhos has also demanded an apology from the network and comedian.

“We have all had enough and this show last night crossed the line with the mocking of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Everyone needs to stand united and we need to put a stop to all this. @theprojecttv and @channel10au and @reubenkayeofficial must put out a public apology.”

“Everybody voice your concerns respectfully on their pages. I will be holding a Zoom meeting at 9pm Thursday to discuss how we are all going to stand united in all that’s happening.”

Muslims believe in Jesus as one of the great Prophets of God and that he was born miraculously, conceived with no father, to his mother, Mary, but not that he was the Son of God.

Chapter Three of the Qur’an is called The Family of Imran. It is a chapter dedicated to Jesus and his family. The Imran mentioned is Jesus’ grandfather, the father of his mother Mary.

Jesus (PBUH) is mentioned 25 times in the Quran, and that Mary, mentioned in the Quran 32 times, is the only woman mentioned by name in the religious text.