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How to Stop Getting Angry at My Child

How to Stop Getting Angry at My Child?

In this counseling answer: “Recognition is the first step. I admire your courage. Please do think about it insha’Allah. Therapy would address your anger issues as they are most likely stemming from the trauma you experienced as a child, and could not resolve or get away from.” As salamu alaykum dear brother, I am sorry to …

Anger Drives Me Crazy in Ramadan

Anger Drives Me Crazy in Ramadan

In this counseling service: There are many anger management tips, including two very powerful advice from Prophet Muhammad (saw): when standing, sit down, when sitting, then lie down and seek refuge in Allah (swt). In Ramadan, in particular, do not argue, just say: “I’m fasting.” Wa ‘Aleikom Salam, There are actually many books, courses, and …

Learning to Control Anger

3 Tips to Control Anger

Do you get angry? Often? How do you express your anger? Do you think you are unique in your family in the way you express your anger? If not, do you find yourself repeating another family member’s style of expressing anger? Have you witnessed someone become angry recently? What about in your own family? How …

My Outbursts of Anger Affect My Family

My Outbursts of Anger Affect My Family

In this counseling answer: • You will find comfort in prayer and confidence in your awareness that Allah (swt) is guiding you and helping you to correct yourself. • Don’t just say sorry; develop an action plan for your own personal development in order to increase the probability that you won’t have serious angry outbursts which can …

Where Does Anger Come From?

Where Does Anger Come From?

What is anger? Why and how does it happen? How does it affect our health and our relationships? Can anger be controlled? And how can we do that? In this series, we’ll discuss anger and techniques for anger management and conflict resolution in light of Islamic teachings. In the previous article, we discussed the nature of …

Control Anger, Anger, Mother

I Want to Control My Anger with Children, Help!

In this counseling answer: Seeking refuge from Shaytaan and remembering Allah always can help curb anger. Identifying what makes you angry and minimizing contact with your trigger. Practicing various anger management strategies and identifying what works best for you. Find calmer activities like painting or going for a walk . As-salamu Alaikum, Alhamdulilah there are many solutions …


Losing Temper with My Kids, Help!

In this counseling answer: “Having so many things to worry about can often lead to feelings like you are having and unfortunately, we do tend to take these feelings out on those close to us such as our children. What you need to remember is that your anger towards them is only going to result in their …

My Daughter Says " I Hate You", How to Respond?

In this counseling answer: “Your daughter is not using those words to hurt you sister, she loves you.  She is, however, using those words to get her own way or to “guilt” you into getting her own way.  As long as she thinks they affect you she will use them.   You may wish to remind her (at …

Control Your Anger

When we struggle to control our desires that is when we give in to anger. If we can control our desires we will learn to control our anger too.

Ice Cubes and Candles - A Lesson in Self Control

Ice Cubes and Candles - A Lesson in Self Control

My friend is a lovely person but under a severely and extremely stressful circumstance, her thoughts wandered to a territory she had never crossed before. I realized here that Allah has made it clear that our minds could ‘stroll’ around if we do not control it…

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