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Fasting & Probiotics May Help Prevent Diabetes

Fasting and probiotics may help prevent diabetes. Very low calorie diets and probiotics may both help prevent Type 2 diabetes and a scientific trial to investigate this will be underway in Auckland this year.

Core Body Temperature

Mercy of Allah: Adaptation to Weather Extremes

With Ramadan occurring in one of the hottest months of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and the one of the coldest times of the year for those in the southern hemisphere, our physical ability to handle weather extremes becomes an interesting topic to reflect upon.

Dagestani Muslims

Patient? Know How to Fast

Ramadan is the month which signifies self-reform and abstention from one’s basic desires which in particular helps to understand ourselves in terms of patience, tolerance and our threshold levels from the worldly desires.

3 Stories Narrated by the Prophet

The Prophet (peace be upon him) sometimes narrated stories of previous people to the companions. Of course, all these stories were facts and not made up, and the Prophet didn’t narrate them for entertainment but rather to learn lessons from them that we can apply to our own lives.

The Best Allah Can Give Us Is Himself

Allah doesn’t take away a blessing from us without giving us something better in return. Often that is Allah, Himself in the form of a closer relationship with Him.

deity care

Would a Deity Care About Morals?

Short Answer: If God created the rational beings called humans, is it reasonable to conclude that after the creation of man, God stopped taking any interest in the welfare of humans? God has decided that human’s earthly life will be a test. And the test consists of how much one is able to abide by the morals …

4 Lessons from 4 Stories in Chapter Al-Kahf

What lessons can we take from chapter Al-Kahf? Every time we read the chapter, we will find new lessons. In this article we will look at the four stories, and extract three daily life lessons for us from each of the stories.

Drastic Loss of Urban Gardens

Home gardens were once an indispensable element of the British urban residential streets. Yet these tiny private enclaves of greenery are under the threat of disappearing. The problem has even raised the attention of the parliament since February 2009 and as a result the Protection of Garden Land Bill has been drafted by the House of Commons. …

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