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Faith depressed

I Can't Wait to Get My Period So That I Don't Need to Pray

In this counseling answer: • You need to get to the root of the problem which requires someone that is capable of helping you by understanding you and how you got to be where you’re at. • The few rules that we have in Islam are not meant to suppress or oppress. • Islam is …

How Shall I Deal with Doubts About Allah & Faith?

How Shall I Deal with Doubts About Allah & Faith?

In this counseling answer: •  People who find ways to boost their eman during these difficulties will experience benefits of all kinds that serve to both improve eman, as well as develop conducive ways of managing difficulties. • Being with other good, Allah fearing people. • Remember Allah in everything you do. • Remember your blessings and strengths rather than …

Does God Call Me in My Dreams?

Does God Call Me in My Dreams?

In this counseling answer: “Indeed, Islam calls us all. If you should decide to embrace Islam formally, you are not throwing away true Christianity. My own layperson’s way of putting it is that as long as we desire enlightenment, we will be corrected so that our understanding can become more accurate. Once our ego is …

When Love and Worship Collide

One fact of life that both Muslim youth and adults need to understand is that our worship and human weakness will constantly collide and be at odds with each other during our time on earth.

When Our Kids Want to See Allah

In this counseling answer: •Children learn their first teachings from their parents, so the parents need to teach them by example, for instance, raise your voice with du`aa’  when the children are around so that the children copy and memorize. •Try to engage them in your daily activities such as group Prayers when they are around; …

Patience Is From Allah

When you recognize Allah’s presence, you will be able to practice patience. Patience comes from Allah and Allah reminds you of Himself at the right moment.

How To Get Allah To Love Us

How To Get Allah To Love Us

How do we get Allah to love us? The famous saying, actions speak louder than words, so we should follow Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


My Toddler Asks: Where does Allah Live?

In this counseling answer: “When your son asks where does Allah live, it is important to first point out that Allah is not like us or anything else in creation. Then, rather than trying to tell him where Allah is – for a six year old cannot understand that Allah is above having direction, beginning …

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