Trump Wins Election | About Islam

Trump Divides American Muslims

TEXAS – A sharply divisive presidential campaign is having its shadows reflected on the American Muslim community, meeting Donald Trump’s win with a mixture of emotions, with some reacting positively and others with great concern.

US Muslims Urge Trump to Respect Rights of All Americans

A leading American Muslim civil rights group issued a statement on Wednesday, November 9, calling on President-elect Donald Trump to respect the rights of all Americans and pledging to work with the new president to strengthen the nation.

Texas Muslims Fearful of Trump Presidency

HOUSTON – In the United States the news of Donald Trump’s win came early in the morning and the reactions followed swiftly on social media, many laden with a heavy dose of shock and dismay.

Trump Wins: America Needs God’s Blessings

At the time of writing, the silence is deafening, not a single head of state has called to congratulate him on his victory. Indeed his own fan base must wonder why he continued to say “..Ours was not a campaign, but an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard working men and women… It is a movement comprised of Americans of all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs.”

Trump’s Win Gives America Its Own Brexit

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump defeated former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in hard-fought election, giving the liberal world its worst nightmares.

Americans Flee Trump Land to Canada, New Zealand

The Canadian main immigration website crashed early on Wednesday, November 9, while New Zealand reported increased traffic to its website for residency visas from US nationals in the hours before Donald Trump surged to victory in the US presidential election.

US Muslim Group Launches Voter Guide Website

A leading American Muslims group launched on Tuesday, November 1, an election resource website that prominently features the group’s first ever national voter guide, including a nationwide congressional scorecard and presidential guide.

One Million American Muslims Ready to Vote

WASHINGTON — As the clock ticks towards November 8 presidential election, a record number of more than one million American Muslim voters are getting ready to tip the tightening race in swing states where they live in large numbers. “We believe we’ve exceeded the one million mark,” Oussama Jammal, secretary general of the US Council …

Hopeful or Worried: US Muslims Gear Up to Vote

Feeling the power of a unity vote for the first time, American Muslims are gearing up to Tuesday’s vote to choose a new president for their country, driven by hope of making their voice heard and fear of the consequences of the close race.

Muslim Superheroine Ms Marvel Urges Americans to Vote

America’s first-ever Muslim superheroine, Ms Marvel, has taken a break from fighting the forces of evil and dedicated all her superpowers to bringing out Americans, including Muslims, the vote on Tuesday.

Detroit Muslims, Arabs Excited to Vote

As Election Day draws closer, Arab Americans are heading to the polls with the rhetoric of this year’s presidential campaign ringing in their ears.

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