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How I Could Overcome Death Anxiety

Our life is too short to think about materials. And we have to exert more efforts to gain better eternal life in Paradise.

My name is Yana, I’m thirty-one. I am Muslim, Alhamdulillah. I converted in February 2013.

My road to Islam started from my first visit to Emirates. It was my first visit to any Arab Muslim country, and I was very excited about everything that I saw there.

It was my first time to see a lot of mosques, to see a lot of veiled girls and women. I realized that hijab is really beautiful.

And also there, it was my first time to hear Adhan. It was something amazing because I still remember what I was thinking in that moment… I was standing thinking: “People go to pray, why I don’t go?”

I felt that I want to go with them. I felt like it was calling me too.

So when I came back home, I just started to read, to find information about Islam. And the more I read, the more I understood that this is something for me, this is something how it should be, that could be the answer…

I bought a Russian translation of the Quran, and I started to read. And also, I started to find a lot of answers to my questions. So one day, I just decided, “Ok, next Saturday, I will go to mosque.”

I was pretty sure that if I will go to the mosque, I will go out of there already been Muslim. And it happened.

Overcoming Death Anxiety

If to speak about death, actually before Islam, I was just afraid of it, and I didn’t think too much, and I avoided thinking about it.

But, now, after becoming Muslim, I’m still afraid of death and I’m thinking about it, but I think about it more often because nobody knows how long we will live, only Allah knows, maybe just one month left or one hour, nobody knows.

So we have to think more about how to get reward in this life. This short dunya was given to us to earn more rewards for better life, forever. We shouldn’t think a lot about material things.

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