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Top 20 Q&A in 2016

Ask the counselor

Sexually Harassed While Performing Hajj
I am so sorry to hear of this terrible thing that a man did to you during Hajj. It is most despicable. However, this person will be dealt with by Allah (swt)

I Discovered My Wife Was Not a Virgin
Marriage is a sacred institution. With its sole purpose of establishing a family, marriage is more of a combination of love, respect, trust, communication, and commitment. It is not easy to settle in and adjust with another person

Will Masturbation Cause Problems in My Future Marriage?
There is no explicit ruling that states masturbation is unlawful; however, the normative Islamic tradition has the stance that it is in most cases. Keep in mind when a position for sacred law is not explicit

Does Penis Size Matter in Marital Bed?
It is good to hear you have given up masturbation, alhumdulilah, and are now prepared to marry. May Allah (swt) bless you in your efforts and reward you with a pious wife.

Why Should I Not Masturbate?
Here are some old ads endorsed by upstanding doctors who people trusted, a product that has killed more than 100 million people in the 20th century, more than World War I and II combined

The Magic Solution to Stop Masturbation
Unfortunately, however, for many of our young, single men, exposure to so many visual stimulants everyday in the form of over sexualized images of women makes it hard.

I Do NOT Want to Get Married or Have Kids!
As I read your question, I am wondering if this desire to not marry and take on the responsibilities of a husband.

First Ramadan without My Husband: How to Cope?
I suggest dear sister that you find a therapist in your area to help you with the grief process as well as accessing your depression.

I’ve Been Losing My Faith in Allah; I Feel Miserable
The reason this is the first step and so important is because Shaitan capitalized on hate and self-hatred. To counteract his false way of “growth”

Sex in Ramadan is Wasting of Time
If he is unable due to work obligations, perhaps get together with other sisters with children to see if you can form a sister group to support each other

Ask about Parenting

How to Explain Hajj to My Students?
As a Muslim teacher, you know that the purpose of Islamic education is not to cram the pupils’ heads with facts but to prepare them for a life of purity and sincerity, so try to be a good teacher through

Masturbation or Premarital Sex: Which Is Worse?
In essence, you have in fact answered your own questions by saying “both are major sins.” Because of this, I cannot say which—masturbation or pre-marital sex—is worse. We cannot separate the religious aspects from the physical or sociological aspects

When Should Parents Stop Being Naked Around Their Children?
Thank you for your most important question. As children are to be breastfed until they are two years old, it stands to reason that a child this age is not aware of the nakedness of his mother.

My Son Is Homosexual!
In your question, you say you respect your son because “he has taken his relationship with God so seriously.” That’s great, ma sha’ Allah. I’m assuming from what you said that he wants to be a Muslim

My 2-Year Old Kid is Too Attached to Me: Normal?
Separation anxiety is when a child gets upset when separated from a parent or loved career. For example, a young child may become distressed when left with a baby sitter or when put to bed by herself.

4 Year Olds Having Sex!
It seems like your nephew may have been exposed to seeing some kind of sexual behavior (either through television or other forms of media) and maybe trying to act upon what he saw.

How to Guide My Son to Win a Girl’s Heart?
First, Islamic teachings forbid any premarital relationship, so even before attempting to win any woman’s heart, your son should know that unless he is ready to marry her.

Baby with Genetic Disorder: Allah’s Punishment?
I would like to first address the fact that you do not know for sure if your child will be born with a genetic disorder.

Baby with Genetic Disorder: Allah’s Punishment?
Dear brother, this would mean that your wife is a victim of rape and that you are both dealing with pains that need not be compared to each other.

My Son Engaged in a Haram Relationship
As hormones and desires are at a high level, it is hard to control, hence the Islamic rules for not dating or being alone with the opposite sex

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