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Monique Hassan graduated with honors in 2012 with her BSc in Psychology and a minor in Biology and is certified in Crisis Prevention and Intervention. She has years of professional as well as personal experience with trauma, relationship struggles, substance abuse, identifying coping skills, conflict resolution, community outreach, and overall mental health concerns. She is a professional writer specialized in Islamic Psychology and Behavioral Health. She is also a revert who took her shahada in 2015, Alhamdulillah. You can contact Sister Monique Hassan via her website ""

Author Articles

Heads Up Guys: Campus Life Is a Challenge

Whether you are living in dorms or stay at home while going to campus, college presents a new set of challenges for Muslim youth. This type of environment has a lot of dating, casual sex, drugs/alcohol and challenges towards Islamic rules of interaction for genders. It doesn’t mean this environment is always a struggle and …


Why Doesn't God Answer My Dua?

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Dua?

In today’s world, things have become fast paced and convenient. We expect our items ordered on Amazon to be here in 2 days, our menu order to be served within minutes and we grow impatient waiting for a text response to a message sent 2 minutes earlier. This type of lifestyle can increase productivity, but …


How to Select a Career and Stay Focused

How to Select a Career and Stay Focused

As students, many career and education options are open to us, especially with the growing popularity of online education. It can be frustrating and difficult to pick a career that fits you personally. Once that difficult decision is made, the challenge becomes maintaining focus and motivation while in school in order to obtain your career …


Achieving goals

5 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

It’s good to have goals, big and small. Perhaps you want to write a book, lose weight, pray with more sincerity or attend the mosque more often . Some goals are more difficult than others. People that make the resolution to drop 20 lbs understand just how hard it is to maintain some of our goals after the initial momentum fades. Our brain is wired …


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