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5 Black Muslim Coaches You Should Know

NEW YORK – Coaching and mentoring provide important means to acquire essential competencies and interpersonal skills for critical professional development and networking. Coaching fosters learning skills and enhancing performance crucial to success. Coaches can help professionals find balance, set smarter goals and improve confidence. While coaches help with learning skills, mentors inspire, providing insight and …


Attack on Black Muslim State Rep Ends in Termination

NEW YORK – Pennsylvanian state representative Movita Johnson-Harrell was subject of another attack this week. On Wednesday March 27,  she received a message from Susan Cohen filled with xenophobic hate speech. In her message, Cohen demanded that Johnson-Harrell, an African American Muslim woman, “assimilate here” and “remove your hijab” when she is in “the people’s …


US Muslim Women: Weaponized Faith in PA Legislature is Unacceptable

Monday 3/26 marked the historic swearing-in ceremony of Movita Johnson-Harrell as the first Muslim woman elected state representative in Pennsylvania. Johnson-Harrell won a seat in the Philadelphia 190th district through a special election–garnering sixty-six percent of the vote. Islamophobia tainted Johnson-Harrell’s swearing-in when Rep. Stephanie Borwicz used the routine invocation to unleash faith-based aggression on …


On US Mosques Security in the Wake of New Zealand Attack

US Mosques Security in the Wake of New Zealand Attack

The March 15th terror attack on two New Zealand mosques continues to distress Muslims globally and serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of houses of worship stemming from a resurgence of white supremacist violence. Terror attacks on mosques, churches, synagogues and temples punctuate US society: 1963 – Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL …


Talking to Muslim Children about New Zealand

NEW YORK – Muslims around the world mourn the tragic killing of their fellow worshippers in the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. On 3/15, White supremacist Brenton Tarrant allegedly launched terrorist attacks on the Al Noor Mosque (killing 41) and Lindwood Mosque, where another seven people died. One person died in the hospital, totaling …


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