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AboutIslam Interviews Anti-racism Collaborative's Executive Director

US Muslims Working for Justice with a New President

Many Americans may see the election of Joseph Biden (D) as a shift, not only in the country’s leadership but also in the overall tone of the nation, which was saturated with intolerance, bigotry and violence against minorities under the current administration.

Prior to his election, Trump voiced biased rhetoric against Muslims. He has said, “Islam hates US,” and instituted policy like the Muslim Ban after his election.

He also created policies separating immigrant families and promoted violence against police violence protesters.

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Maintaining hope that a new president will usher in better social reform, the Muslim Anti-racism Collaborative’s executive director, Margari Aziza cautions Americans across backgrounds not to become complacent.

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In this interview with AboutIslam, Aziza expresses the need to continue engaging in the groundwork for social reform. 

She also talked about the election of the first Woman of Color vice president, Kamala Harris, and the increasing complexities of identity in the country. 

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