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Toronto Mosque Expands to Meet Growing Needs of Congregation

TORONTO – The downtown Toronto mosque, Masjid Toronto@Adelaide, held an opening ceremony for its recently expanded facilities on Wednesday, September 26th, as political, civic, and faith leaders joined mosque members to celebrate the accomplishment. “We have been working hard for the past two years to expand Masjid Toronto @…

Toronto Church, Mosque Share a Meal

TORONTO – The Church of the Holy Trinity hosted a lunch on Sunday for leaders and members of Masjid Toronto. Rev. Sherman Hasselgrave, Incumbent of the Church of the Holy Trinity, joined by members of the church graciously welcomed their neighbors from the mosque. Dr. Wael Shehab, Imam of…

Toronto Mosque Opens Doors to Promote Understanding

TORONTO – Masjid Toronto opened its doors today to the public so that Torontonians could learn about Muslims and the religion of Islam. On February 17, worshippers attending Friday prayer services at the mosque were greeted by protestors carrying banners and with loudspeakers, shouting Islamophobic slogans and calling for…

Toronto Mosque and Church Collaborate to Serve Free Lunch

Toronto Mosque and Church Collaborate to Serve Free Lunch

TORONTO – A mosque and a church in downtown Toronto have formed a partnership to serve a free hot lunch to the city’s needy. One Saturday every month, volunteers from Masjid Toronto come together at the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields in the Kensington-Chinatown neighborhood and prepare meals in the…

Masjid Toronto Holds Open Mosque After Anti-Islam Protest

Masjid Toronto Holds Open Mosque After Anti-Islam Protest

Unfortunately hate crimes and bigotry are both on the rise. However, the Muslim community fights back by opening the doors to their mosque to explain to the general public what is Islam and the history of Islam. It is a great way to reach out!

Canadians Condemn Toronto Protests Calling for Islam Ban

TORONTO – Muslims attending Friday prayer services at Toronto’s busiest mosque were greeted today by protestors carrying banners and with loudspeakers, shouting Islamophobic slogans and calling for a ban of Islam. The group called Canadians Against Islamization carried banners and signs with Islamophobic messages outside the mosque, Masjid Toronto….

Canada’s Midnight Sun Mosque

TORONTO – The fascinating story of the world’s northernmost mosque, The Midnight Sun Mosque, is inspiring Canadian filmmakers to turn it into a documentary. “When we heard about the story of the mosque project, we immediately thought it was unusual and would definitely make a great story for a…

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Masjid Toronto Organizes a Family Day on the History of Muslims in Canada

…Canadian Muslims must carry it resiliently into the future. Learn about the earliest Muslims in Canada, Canada’s first mosque, Muslim explorers and traders in Canada’s far north, the history of Masjid Toronto, and much more! Joining us for this important discussion is Hassam Munir, an independent researcher of Islamic history….

Toronto to Celebrate Diversity in City Hall Ramadan Iftar

TORONTO – On June 9, 2017, a first of its kind celebration themed, Fast in the 6, will take place at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square. Coinciding with Ramadan, the event will celebrate the diversity of Toronto through the common experience of breaking of the Ramadan fast. “It will be…

‘Rings of Peace’ Surround Toronto Mosques after Quebec Shooting

TORONTO – The Jewish community was joined by other faith communities in the Greater Toronto Area to form “rings of peace” around seven Toronto area mosques during the weekly Friday prayers in response to Sunday night’s mass shooting at a Quebec City mosque that took the lives of 6…

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