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Five Tips for Passing Safely Through Ramadan Annoyance-Free

Let’s be honest. Fasting can be and feel, extremely annoying. Even though, as Muslims, we try to focus on the immense blessings Ramadan has to offer, the truth of the matter is that, we are also highly self-indulgent. Throughout our normal days, we are consuming foods and beverages at any given opportunity. So, fasting all …

Fear Fasting

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Fasting?

Short Answer:In terms of practical ways to reduce your fears surrounding fasting, preparation and planning may be helpful. You can prepare by eating a goodsuhoor(the meal before the day of fasting)and drinking a lot of water before you start fasting, and by making sure you’re eating balanced meals and getting enough to drink duringiftar(the meal …

This Ramadan... Keep the Smile on :)

This Ramadan... Keep the Smile on :)

Keep the smile onthis Ramadan. Fasting of Ramadan this year will inevitably be a challenge for a lot of us from time to time. Maybe we are particularly thirsty one day and have to have a lot of conversation with clients, or maybe work is catering free lunch and we just have to watch everyone …

6 Ramadan Programs and Events

7 Ramadan Programs: What Imams Have in Store

The blessed month is around, coming with its special Ramadan programs and events. The month is full of blessings and mercy that showers down from Allah Almighty. We collected for you programs and lessons that will help you increase your share of blessings this month. TheseRamadanPrograms Await You Stay tuned with our Imams and Scholars …

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