This Ramadan… Keep the Smile on :)

Keep the smile on this Ramadan.

Fasting of Ramadan this year will inevitably be a challenge for a lot of us from time to time.

Maybe we are particularly thirsty one day and have to have a lot of conversation with clients, or maybe work is catering free lunch and we just have to watch everyone grab plates of food while we sit there licking our lips.

Maybe these days feel really long, and the temperature is climbing higher and higher. The beauty of us being able to fast throughout all of this is so incredible and so beautiful…don’t ruin it by complaining.

Don’t Complain


Complaining while doing an action is deflating it of the good that it carries. When you love someone, you do anything they ask – even if it’s challenging – with a smile.

Not just that, when someone asks you if it’s tough and isn’t it difficult, you respond with a smile saying “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” This year, love the challenges that fasting presents, and let’s not complain!

Join Brother AbdelRahman Murphy in this video.